Top 5 Things To Know About Car Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of a car. They allow us to travel many miles throughout the year. To drive safely, however, you need to take care of them. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some things everyone needs to know about car tires.

1. What is their average life span?


When you consider that tires are the only point of contact between your car and the road, it’s easy to see why they are so important to your safety. It is difficult to determine the average life of a tire because many parameters influence its performance over time. Depending on several factors, a tire can show signs of wear after 20,000 kilometers or remain in good condition up to 90,000 kilometers. In order to extend the life of your car tires, you can first adapt your driving style by avoiding emergency braking, for example.

2. Tire wear factors

There are many factors that contribute to tire wear. First of all, nervous driving greatly increases the rate of tire wear, including repeated braking and excessive acceleration. Your tires will also wear more or less quickly depending on their quality level or category, i.e., hard rubber, soft rubber, or all seasons. Remember to use the right tires to protect them. You should also know that the type of roads you drive on has an impact on the wear of your tires.

Mountain roads will contribute to faster tire wear, while straight, flat roads will preserve your tires longer. Temperature changes and weathering are also major factors in tire wear. A car that sleeps in a garage will keep its tires in better shape than one that sits outside. If you drive with underinflated or overinflated tires, you are contributing to tire wear and reduced tire life. Alignment or balance problems can also cause abnormal wear on your car tires. To preserve your tires, have your vehicle checked regularly by a garage.

3. What are the risks of driving on worn tires?


Many motorists tend to minimize the risks of driving on worn tires. Driving for miles with worn tires is also dangerous to the safety of others. In fact, damaged tires contribute to increased braking distances, which is why 6% of road accidents directly result from this problem. Thus, the main risks of driving with worn tires are the following

    • Bursting
    • Aquaplaning
    • Lack of grip on the road
    • Loss of directionality.

In terms of legislation, you risk a 4th class fine and the immobilization of your vehicle if you drive with worn tires. Tires are considered worn when the treads are no longer visible if the tread appears or when cuts or tears mark the sidewalls.

4. When should I change my tires?

To know if you need to change your tires, check the state of their wear indicator. If the tread is worn, that is, the part of the tire in contact with the road, then your tires need to be replaced. You must change your tires in pairs on the same axle unless the wear between your two front or rear tires is within a few millimeters of each other. And if you are replacing only one tire, it is best to mount it on the rear of your car to optimize road grip.

5. Criteria for choosing tires


To make a good purchase, you should know the main criteria for choosing tires beforehand. First of all, compare the market prices. It is important to know that a cheap tire may have a shorter life span than a mid-range or high-end tire, which will be of better quality. Knowing the size of your tires is essential to making the right choice.

Check with your mechanic to make sure you know the right size. There are many brands in the car tire market, such as Michelin, Good Year, Continental, Bridgestone, and Dunlop. Before you invest, find out what, if anything, is special about each of these brands. To find the right tire model for your vehicle, refer to the tire number.

For example, 205 55 r16 tires are suitable for medium-sized cars and are suitable for driving on icy and wet roads, while 225 45 r17 tires have an innovative rubber compound that optimizes braking distances and provides perfect grip on the road. Finally, consider checking customer reviews on various tire websites to make sure you’re making the right choice.

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