engine preparation

What Is an Engine Preparation

Contents     – Engine preparation: what is it?     – Engine preparation: advantages     – How to prepare an engine? An engine is the result of many calculations, calibrations, and connections. After buying a production car, some owners wish to…

Coolant Hose

Cars Topics | Replacing the Coolant Hose

 The cooling hose is an essential part of the engine cooling system, whose mission is to prevent overheating and breakage of mechanical parts. It allows the transfer of flows between the various engine components. If it is damaged and not changed, the engine risks irreversible damage.

Slamming Injector

Slamming Injector: What to Do

Contents  – Slamming injector: how it works  – Slamming injector: causes and consequences  – Slamming injector: Remedies  – Slamming injector: maintenance costs The engine noise analysis is essential: it can avoid aggravating a malfunction, which can go as far as…