Replacing A Windshield Yourself: Is It Possible?

Five hundred fifty dollars is the average price of a new windshield for a car. This window, located at the front, protects passengers from wind and rain. Without it, the driver and passengers will have poor visibility on the road. However, the day comes when you have to replace this element. Are you going to contact a professional mechanic, or are you going to do it yourself?

When Should You Change Your Windshield?

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When the windshield of a car has an impact, it is always suggested to repair it. Certainly, this option has a financial advantage, but the risks present much greater trouble. A poorly maintained windshield can become problematic at some point. During the winter season, small chips quickly turn into large cracks.

Then, each of these impacts can expose you to a bad surprise during the technical visit. In addition, anomalies of this type can be a source of a fine, and even a driving ban, like a car that must be scrapped if a police officer finds it. So, you must inevitably replace the windshield when:

  • The size of the impact is greater than a $2 coin
  • The impact is a few centimeters from the edges of the windshield
  • The model of your windshield corresponds to a non-standard model.

What are the steps for replacing a windshield?

Whether you carry out the operation by yourself or call on an automotive glass professional, you must always follow the steps below:

Picking out

To be able to carry out a perfect replacement and place an order for a windshield, you must take the references of the faulty equipment or find a standard model corresponding to that of your car.


The old windshield can be removed easily at the current stage of technology. To do this, you must first remove the plastic seals on which it is fixed. Then, it must be detached from the edge, where it is welded with glue, by drilling a hole in the corner of the joint. You can then carefully remove the urethane, then the old windshield using a suction cup.

Prepare the rim

In order for the new windshield to fit smoothly, you must remove the visible frame elements and urethanes. After removing the rust from the welded edge, you can place duct tape around the area.

Install the new item

Using a suction cup and glue, you can put the new windshield in place. Before hitting the road again, make sure there is enough drying time.

Entrust The Replacement Of The Windshield To A Professional Or Not: What To Do?

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Before deciding, contact your insurer first. If your glass breakage coverage allows you to call in a professional without having to pay a penny, entrust this task to a mechanic. However, if your contract only covers part of the costs and deducts a deductible, doing the operation yourself is tempting. But is it a good idea?

To replace a windshield in good and due form, you need adequate materials and a do-it-yourself spirit. If you use, for example, a hammer and a cutter, you risk breaking the bodywork. Then, for each step of the operation mentioned above to be carried out within the standards, you need two more hands.

So entrust the operation to a specialized company for changing your windshield to avoid costly errors, damage, injuries, and incompatibilities. After a thorough diagnosis, this specialist will be able to order a new windshield for you corresponding to the model of your car. As it already has high-end equipment, you can save time by going to a garage.

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