Shock Absorber Cup: Malfunction and Cost

Shock Absorber Cup: Malfunction and Cost


    – Shock absorber cup: description

    – Shock absorber cup: symptoms of malfunction

    – Shock absorber cup replacement

    – Cost of replacing the shock absorber cup

The shock absorber cup is mainly used for Mac Pherson-type shock absorbers: the upper part of the spring-shock absorber assembly allows the latter’s attachment to the body, often for the front suspensions, but sometimes for the rear. The Mac Pherson shock is a spring and shock absorber assembly linking the pivot to the body. The exact term is “suspension kit”. In this post, we’ll see what the malfunction of the shock absorber cup is and how much it will cost you.

Shock absorber cup: description

It is an assembly composed of:

    – An elastic stop in rubberized material to filter the vibrations emitted by the wheel sets.

    – A metal fitting with 3 fixing points for the connection with the body.

    – A bearing ring that allows the suspension to pivot when turning.

Shock absorber cup: symptoms of malfunction

Several signs indicate a defective mounting kit:

    – Recurring small bumps in the suspension or when driving through a pothole or on a deformed road: this is probably the elastic stop that has settled and no longer absorbs shocks.

    – Squeaks, or after a steering lock, the car “pulls” to one side, or the suspension swings jerkily during a steering lock: the bearing is defective and should be replaced.

Replacement of the shock absorber cup

Shock Absorber Cup: Malfunction and Cost

It is recommended to change the right and left sides at the same time.

When replacing the shock absorbers, it is strongly recommended to replace the suspension kits.

Here is the procedure to follow:

    – Remove the spring-damper assembly.

    – First, using a spring compressor, compress the spring before releasing the bearing-cup assembly.

Please note: the use of a spring compressor implies, on the one hand, a rigorous practice, this operation being not without danger, and on the other hand, the use of a tool of the standards and good quality.

    – Clean the elements that will be reassembled (spring-leg), as they are often impregnated with dirt and oxidized.

    – Proceed in the opposite way for the reassembly, ensuring that the different elements are correctly positioned before decompressing the spring.

    – Tighten the central shock absorber nut to the torque without turning the shock rod.

    – Make sure to replace the shock absorber rod protection bellows systematically.

Cost of replacing the damper cup

By a professional

Most of the time, replacing the kit with or without shock absorber replacement is a quick operation (between 0.50 and 0.75 hours per side), which will result in an approximate amount of $300, including parts and labour (variable according to hourly rates / without shock absorber replacement).

By yourself

If you have some knowledge of mechanics and a bit of equipment, this operation is within your reach (as long as you have a spring compressor).

Knowing that prices vary significantly from one brand to another and even from one model to another, a suspension kit ranges from $50 to $100.

The sources of supply are dealerships (more expensive), car distributors and internet sites (the cheapest, equivalent brand parts to other suppliers).

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