4 Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes ASAP

4 Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes ASAP

Many cars have been involved in accidents due to poor brakes, so it is important to ensure that your car brakes are in the absolute best condition. There are not many things that are as important in a car as the car’s brakes work as they should. You do not have to be a car mechanic to notice when to take an extra look at your car brakes. That can be done by simply following a few simple guidelines. However, it should be added that if and when it is time to replace or repair your brakes, you have a qualified and competent mechanic perform this task. When it comes to installation, it is better to pay a little more to ensure that your brakes will work the next time you want to use your brakes. This article will present four signs that indicate it is time to replace or repair your car brakes.


Why Should You Change Brake Fluid?

Why and How to Change Brake Fluid

The brake fluid makes it possible to slow down when you apply the brake. It activates the force generated when you press the brake pedal, and by transferring the energy to the wheel itself, you can brake. Heat is generated from the friction created when you brake, and it can damage the brake fluid. The brake fluid can also turn into steam, so it is crucial to follow all recommendations for changing brake fluid. Air or water in your brake fluid makes it work worse because the brake fluid cannot withstand the same pressure as an undamaged and unpolluted fluid. There is also another vital purpose of brake fluid: it acts as a lubricant. Liquid helps to lubricate moving parts and to prevent the appearance of rust. If the brake fluid is not in the best condition, it influences how different aspects of how your car works.


Replacement of Brake Fluid

It is not complicated to change brake fluid, but it takes time and is often a dirty job. Brake fluid is not particularly expensive to buy, but if you need to replace it yourself, you may need to invest in suitable tools. The first step is to drain the existing brake fluid. A hemorrhage is a good tool, and they are relatively cheap to buy. If you want to use the vacuum method, you need a vacuum pump that fits the width of the master cylinder. A jack makes it easier to access each brake. When changing the brake fluid, it is a good idea to use one of the brake pedals. You can open the brake bleed valve for each wheel and drain while the brake is depressed. Top up with new brake fluid and then inflate the brake pedal to increase fluid levels in the master cylinder. Sometimes the warning light can come on when you have done everything, but the light goes out if you press the brake pedal quickly. But what are the signs that it’s time to change your brakes?


Signs That It’s Time To Change Your Vehicle’s Brakes

Brakes Grinding? Here is What you Should Know - Cash Cars Buyer

  1. If you hear a strange sound every time you brake, you should not delay in repairing car brakes by taking the car to a skilled car mechanic. The “screaming” sound means contact with “metal to metal” due to the brake pads being worn and needing to be replaced.
  2. If you notice that the car does not stop or that it takes a long time for it to stop, even if the brake pedal is pressed against the floor, you should visit your mechanic without delay. Not only are you risking your life to continue driving with bad brakes but also others if you get involved in a car accident.
  3. If the car steering wheel vibrates in your hands during braking, this may mean that there is something wrong with the brake discs. The discs may have become crooked, and the “vibrations” mentioned above indicate that you need to take care of this at once.
  4. If you see that it starts to jerk from your tires when you brake, it’s time to go to a car mechanic; This is a surefire sign that you need to visit your mechanic to repair car brakes.


Changing brake fluid is extremely important to ensure that the brakes work optimally and for you to drive your vehicle safely. It would be best if you changed your vehicle’s brake fluid every two years or after 3 000 km, whichever occurs first. As we have mentioned before, you should avoid trying to repair car brakes yourself. Only a qualified car mechanic can ensure that the right things are done and followed to establish the safety of the system and the car’s passengers, including you, the driver. In addition, only a skilled car mechanic can ensure that suitable parts are installed for your automobile. That’s especially important when the car is new because modern vehicles have very complex braking systems. Only a car brake specialist should adjust and fix the brakes to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

In a nutshell, do not delay when it comes to repairing car brakes as your safety and the safety of others on the road are at risk when the car brakes do not work properly. If you are unsure, you should leave the work to the experts at Center State Auto. Their highly qualified team combines a total of over 22 years of experience and is committed to delivering services that go beyond your expectations. They are truly the best choice when it comes to auto repairs, maintenance, and towing services.


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  1. The “strange sound” you talked about whenever you use your brake has bothered me for quite a long time now. At first, it didn’t seem very troublesome, but it only grew louder and louder the more we drove our car around town. I would hate for that sound to disturb my neighbors or people in public, so I’ll get it fixed by an auto service as soon as possible.

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