4×4 shock absorbers

4×4 Shock Absorber: Ranges, Maintenance, Prices


 – 4×4 shock absorber: Characteristics

 – Maintenance of the 4×4 shock absorber

 – Shock absorber ranges for 4×4

 – Supply and price of 4×4 shock absorbers

 If not all 4×4 users practice off-roading, for others, equipping themselves with quality shock absorbers is a necessity to improve their vehicle’s off-road capabilities. The details on 4×4 shock absorbers right now!

 4×4 shock absorber: Characteristics

 Like the shock absorbers of other vehicles, its role is to absorb the shocks suffered by the wheel by avoiding the heeling of the suspensions and to absorb the oscillations of the suspension spring, its particularity being to work much more in travel and on the shocks at low speed.


 Its principle is based on hydrodynamics or fluid flow properties; connected on one side to the chassis and on the other to the wheel, it consists of a body in which a piston equipped with valves slides.

 The stroke of this body is braked by oil circulating in these calibrated valves, which allows a controlled speed of passage: the speed of travel of the suspensions is thus braked and dampened.

 Special features

 The vehicle evolving in all terrain must cross important steps. Therefore its travel must be superior (average value: 40 to 60cm for 30cm for a sedan).

 The shocks being violent, its hardness will be more important than a classic vehicle (at the expense of comfort).

 It is also oversized compared to a conventional shock absorber.

 Finally, its technicality is generally more advanced than a conventional shock absorber.

 Maintenance of the 4×4 shock absorber

 The maintenance of 4×4 shock absorbers is limited to cleaning and checking the shock absorbers after off-road trips using a high-pressure cleaner.

 Their replacement is justified in seepage, play, or loss of efficiency and requires the same procedure as on passenger vehicles (often need for a spring compressor).

 Shock absorbers are replaced in pairs:

 – When tightening, avoid turning the shock rod in the body: you risk damaging it;

 – Fit new protective bellows: it is often necessary to dampen the shock absorbers before fitting them (pump them out while holding them in the fitting position).

 The ranges of shock absorbers for 4×4

4×4 shock absorbers

 There are several ranges of shock absorbers for your 4×4 vehicle:

 – The original assembly:

 This type of shock absorber will give you complete satisfaction for a mixed-use: road and dirt roads.

 – Reinforced shock absorbers:

 They will be necessary for a specific use more focused on roads (hunting, forestry, country activities (ballads, mushrooms…).

 Note: They are reinforced in their structure with harder damping.

 – Shock absorbers for extreme use or competition:

 This is the world of enlightened 4×4 specialists practicing sports activities such as rally raids, crossing, and hiking under the aegis of 4×4 clubs…

 These shock absorbers are high-tech parts, allowing:

 – the raising of the suspensions (more important, travel);

 – multiple adjustment possibilities:

 ◦ low and high-speed damping adjustment (shock absorber movement in compression);

 ◦ low and high-speed rebound adjustment (shock absorber movement in extension);

 ◦ on Mac Pherson suspensions, where the shock absorber body receives the spring at its periphery, the adjustment is made on the hardness of the spring.

Supply and price of 4×4 shocks

Type of shocks

Original equipment

Reinforced shocks

Competition Shock Absorbers


Original equipment

Hydraulics and reinforced structure

  • Extended travel

  • Multiple adjustments


  • Manufacturer network

  • Independent distribution

  • Independent distribution

  • 4×4 specialists

4×4 and competition specialists

Price per pair*

$240 à $350

$300 à $400

From $600 to $2 000 according to the degree of evolution

*Average prices for a Toyota HDJ100 4,2 TD

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