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Car Hack #1: The Uses of Toothpaste

As a common household product, toothpaste is rarely thought about after cleaning teeth. But, thanks to the internet frenzy over DIY hacks and tricks, your daily hygiene product is now being put to new use!


Headlights. The toil of ultraviolet radiation leaves your headlights looking hazy. Apart from making your car look older, hazy headlights can also reduce the value of your vehicle. However, with some elbow grease and toothpaste, you can benefit from brighter looking headlights and maybe a price boost. After washing and drying the headlights, squeeze a bit of toothpaste on a rag and scrub the headlights. That’s it! The only downside is that this remedy will last just a few months. To extend its shine, coat the headlights with furniture polish or car wax.


Surface scratches. Used for simple scruffs and surface scratches, this method can visually reduce scratches or possibly permanently remove them! Begin, once again, by washing the affected area. Next, apply a small dab of toothpaste to a dampened microfiber towel and buff out the scratch using a circular motion. Rinse the excess toothpaste and repeat up to two times for better results. If this doesn’t work out for your particular problem, there are still a number of affordable hacks to consider

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