Car Hack #3: Stockings?

After Hack #1 and #2, this post is going to take inspiration from MacGyver. No, it won’t talk about how cracking an egg into a car radiator can stop it from leaking – it works but isn’t recommended. But, it’ll take inspiration from Mac’s ingenuity and suggest stockings (yes, stockings!) as a temporary solution to two problems: old windshield wipers and broken timing belts.


  1. Wrapping stockings around wiper blades. Whether they are protecting you from rain or snow, wiper blades are an essential part of your car. Eventually, all windshield wiper blades get worn out, and if they are damaged enough the might even fall off. If you haven’t found the time to replace the blades and find yourself driving in bad weather, using broken wiper blades can cause permanent damage to your windshield. By wrapping the blades in stockings, you have a temporary fix that’ll keep you safe until you can repair it.
  2. Tie stockings around engine pulleys. Timing belts are a key component keeping your engine running. As they age, however, they become prone to snapping and that can set off a whole range of issues in your car. If your timing belt snaps, safely stop your car. And then, simply remove the old belt and replace it with the stockings by tightly securing them around the engine’s pulleys. This should help get you home so you can have a new belt installed.

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