Car Hack #2: Facing the Cold

Autumn is about to freeze into winter. This means adding extra time to your daily routines. From heating up your engines, cleaning windshields and the painful job of clearing out your driveways, you will have a host of new tasks to complete before you can get on your way to work. By using the two tips below, you can at least make the tasks easier.


  1. Park Facing East. If you haven’t got a garage you know the pains of having frost build up on your windshields and the time it takes to defrost. That is if you don’t eventually get out and scrap it off yourself. By parking facing east, your car benefits from more time in the sun. The heat will start defrosting your windshield long before you need to get to work and you’ll reduce the time you need to devote to defrosting.
  2. Carry Hand Sanitizer. Yes, you read that right. The alcohol in hand sanitizers is a great ingredient to help melt ice way. This doesn’t mean you should use it to defrost your entire car! But, it is particularly helpful in de-icing keyholes. The bottle lets you spray directly into the keyhole lock and it works quickly.

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