DIY Dent Removal

With the need to save money, you may be tempted to fix dents yourself. But just because the kit says it “can repair any dent,” that doesn’t mean it is the best option for your particular dent. Sometimes there are a few dangers involved and you may even end up causing more damage to your car. Although the skills of a professional are always recommended, this post will explore a few easy options you can try if you really want to do it yourself.



Use a Plunger


This method is perfect for any small-to-medium-sized dent (that means any dent that is bigger than the size of your plunger) on the flat surfaces of your car, such as the hood or door.


  • Prepare the dent beforehand by warming it. You can use a hair dryer or even pour some warm or hot water over the dent, this will ensure that the paint isn’t ruined by the plunger.
  • Moisten the suction surface of the plunger with a bit of water and press it into the center of the dent.
  • Pull backward and repeat the process from various angles until the dent has been removed.



Use Dry Ice


This method is only for use on metal surfaces and is a bit tricky to complete. You will also have to be extra careful, so follow safety precautions by wearing thick gloves and safety goggles when handling the dry ice.


  • Once again, start by warming up the area. This step is of crucial importance for this method because the dry ice is meant to bring a temperature drop that will make the metal pop.
  • Wearing gloves, create an aluminum foil envelope and place the dry ice inside.
  • Carefully place the envelope onto the dent for no longer than one minute and remove.





One of the most effective methods to consider requires you to simply push the dents out. Maybe, not as simple that, but that’s the basic principle.


  • To push the dent out, you need to be able to access the area directly behind the dent. This might require you to remove a few panels or find a position that allows your hands to reach between.
  • For larger dents, use your hands and apply even pressure. For smaller dents, you will need to use a tool. You could use a hammer carefully wrapped in thick cloth which you will tap the dent out with.

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