When should you change your engine oil?

To keep the engine in good condition and boost its longevity, it is essential to perform regular oil changes. This operation consists of draining the engine oil, changing the oil filter, and if necessary flushing the engine with some engine flush additive which is usually available in supermarkets. The oil drainage will purge all the mechanism of the engine of a vehicle. Modern engine oils like Mobil 1 Extended Performance or Castrol EDGE Extended Performance Motor Oil are now making it possible to extend these intervals up to 15,000 miles.

When is the best time?

When is the most effective time to empty the engine? There is not a standard time when you should be doing it. However, it is a smart practice to change the oil before it becomes too dark and cloggy. This will depend on how much you drive and the usual road conditions around. There is no expiration date for the oil, therefore you should regularly check the quality of your engine oil. The best time to do so is in the early morning before you take your car out of the garage. After the car has rested overnight, the oil color and texture will be set to its actual state. If the oil is too thick and dark, it is an indication that your engine needs a good drainage.

Is it a DIY or professional job?

Sometimes the owner may decide to drain his vehicle to limit expenses. However, it is necessary to understand that this task requires some technical skills and a good understanding of car mechanic – where the oil tank is located, which keys should be used to loosen the bolts under the hood for the oil to be drained, how to replace the oil filter, where is it located, which oil filter you need to buy at the car spare parts shop, and most of all, which oil number you should be using according to the car mileage despite the user manual may suggest a fully synthetic oil for a recent car. A 5W40 fully synthetic oil means that the oil can endure temperature conditions between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius.

If you are unsure about all these things, avoid the DIY! It is better not to risk the health of your car. Contact a specialist who will also advise you on the conditions of the other mechanical components of the vehicle.

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