What Is the Stabilizer Bar Linkage

What Is the Stabilizer Bar Linkage


What is a stabilizer bar link?

Signs of sway rod malfunction

How to change a stabilizer bar rod?

Price of a stabilizer bar rod

The stabilizer bar rod is a part of the suspension system. Its function is to ensure the good balance of the vehicle. In bad conditions, it can cause erosion of the tires or premature wear of the shock absorbers. It is therefore recommended to have the system checked from time to time.

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What is the stabilizer bar rod?

A car’s stabilizer bar link, or a “suspension link”, is the connecting system between the body and the chassis. Placed between the stabilizer bar and the wishbones or suspension arms, the two joints of the connecting rod allow the elements to couple together. 

Its role is to ensure the geometry and alignment of the vehicle. This fastener reduces the effect of a vehicle’s pitching and vibration when driving on a deformed roadway.

This means that without this system when the car is driven at high speed and takes a turn, the pressure of the action can cause the vehicle to tip over.

Important: the stabilizer bar connected to the axle exerts an additional pressure that allows the wheels to remain in contact with the ground. The vehicle is stabilized. 

The first signs of rod malfunction

The stabilizer links keep the vehicle balanced. They are small parts, but they are essential to the suspension system. It’s a good idea to take care of them and have them checked from time to time because malfunction or wear will inevitably cause costly inconvenience. 

The first signs of malfunction are: 

premature wear of the tires;

defective vehicle alignment;

shock absorbers that disintegrate;

rough and abrupt driving: jolts can be felt;

the feeling of abnormal vibrations.

How to change a stabilizer bar rod?

What Is the Stabilizer Bar Linkage

Changing the sway bar rod yourself is a complicated and risky undertaking. A bad adjustment leads to a lack of stability in the car, defective alignment, and bad vehicle geometry.

We advise you to call a professional if your hands are not experts. Otherwise, proceed as follows:

Remove the covers from the first wheel studs and loosen them once the car has been raised with a jack. 

Place the car on the stand and separate the wheel from the die. 

Remember to do the same on the other side of the car so that the sway bar does not fail. 

Use a wrench to remove the nuts from the bottom and top of the strut. 

You can now remove the strut and install the new one. 

Remember to apply a thread locker to the threads. 

Tighten the nuts first at the top and then at the bottom. 

Good to know: the operation takes an average of two hours.

Price of a sway bar rod

If you notice a malfunction, we advise you to call a professional to have the system serviced. 

Depending on the operations to be performed:

An overhaul of the system will cost you less than $20. 

If it needs to be changed, a stabilizer bar link can be found in stores for less than $10. 

If you call a professional, he will charge you for the operation for less than $70. He will also check the alignment of the car and the geometry of the vehicle.

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