What Are the Starter Coils Used For?

What Are the Starter Coils Used For?


 – What are starter coils used for?

 – When should I change my starter motor brushes?

 – Where to find starter coils, and at what price?

 When the driver turns the key in the ignition of his car, the engine starts: this happens thanks to the starter motor. If one of the parts of the system (such as the brushes) is defective, the magic no longer works, and the car remains silent.

 What are the starter coils used for?

 For a vehicle to start, you must start it with the help of a starter motor. The starter consists mainly of the following:

 – the solenoid;

 – an electric motor powered by the coils.

 The solenoid is a device consisting of an electric wire wound on itself, like a coil. Once supplied with electricity, it will serve as a magnet. Thus, when the electric motor in the starter motor gives the impulse, the solenoid will activate a pinion which will cause the engine flywheel’s rotation. This sequence causes the motor to move and awaken.

 The role of the starter coils is to supply power to the moving part of the electric motor.

 Good to know: the electric motor must provide superior force. The compression around the pistons makes them extremely difficult to move. If just one part of the starter fails, the whole system fails.

 When should I change my starter coils?

What Are the Starter Coils Used For?

 Starter coals are the most fragile parts of the system. They are part of the consumables of a car. Their life span is limited in time and is directly related to the frequency of use of the starter.

 If your vehicle doesn’t start despite a healthy battery when you turn the key, the starter coils are probably the cause.

 To be sure, listen carefully. Do you hear a clicking sound? This means that the flywheel is turning, but the motor is not getting the energy it needs to start! You will need to replace the starter motor’s carbon brushes.

 Good to know: the starter is made up of several elements that are essential to its proper functioning. If the starter seems out of order, in 99% of the cases, only one part of the system is faulty. So there’s no need to part with the whole thing. If you take your vehicle to a garage, consider asking the professional not to replace the entire starter but only the damaged part. This can save you some money.

 Where can I find starter coils, and at what price?

What Are the Starter Coils Used For?

 Starter coils are specific parts. You can find them:

 – on certain websites;

 – in stores specializing in car mechanics;

 – at your garage.

 The average price of starter coils is about 15 dollars.

 Good to know: if several parts of the starter seem to be defective, consider going to the junkyard! You can dig up a high-performance starter for less than a hundred dollars.

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