Becoming A Licensed Taxi Driver In France

To get to a place quickly and safely, cab transportation is the most used. For the transportation of certain patients, a specialized type of cab is also available. These are the cabs that have been approved and that follow well-defined regulations in the exercise of their activity.

What is an approved cab?


A conventional cab is, first and foremost, a cab that benefits from a partnership with the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) through an agreement. In concrete terms, a cab with an agreement provides TAP (Transport Assis Professionnalisé) to certain people under certain conditions. The transport is sometimes reimbursed in full depending on the insurance of the clients and the drivers paid by the CPAM.

Its missions

Like the cab, the primary mission of cabs under contract is to provide TAP. This is a type of transportation recommended to a patient by a doctor. The latter only makes this decision if the patient’s health requires assistance but he or she is still able to remain seated.

In addition, licensed cabs help patients get in and out of the vehicle. They also provide the medical team with information about the client’s condition if there are any problems during transport.

They also have a compulsory first aid kit and are required to respect the various rules of hygiene and safety measures. In case the transport is reimbursable by social security, then this type of cab guarantees an advance on the transport costs.

In addition to all this, the cab must respect the laws and regulations in force in the cab sector. It is also advisable that he has a software for teletransmission.

Who can have a licensed cab?

As mentioned above, only drivers or a cab company can consider changing their cab from a tourist transport to a medical transport cab. In addition, in order to become an approved taxi, the person concerned must

    • Have a vehicle that they operate as a cab with a parking permit
    • Be in service for at least two years
    • Comply with the rules of the trade
    • Be free of any conviction by the courts for health insurance fraud within a period of three years prior to working with the CPAM.

How does one become a licensed cab?

Unlike animal cabs, it is not necessary to undergo training before becoming a licensed cab. Once the conditions mentioned above have been met, all that remains is to sign the agreement to be recognized as approved and certified by the CPAM.

Moreover, the formalities differ from one department to another, as do the supporting documents. In addition, for the comfort of the passengers, the drivers opt for the preferred brand of cabs, but any vehicle can be used for medical transportation.

Documents to be provided

You must go to the CPAM of your department with a copy of the following documents:

    • The vehicle registration document of the vehicle concerned
    • Your professional card
    • Your ADS (parking permit)
    • Proof of your two years of practice (URSSAF certificate, invoices, etc.)
    • The registration card for the RCS or the trade directory
    • The rental or employment contract
    • The town hall’s by-law

The steps to be taken


Cab drivers or companies wishing to convert their cabs into contracted cabs must first obtain prefectural approval. Then, they must go to the professional service of the CPAM in their department.

There, he will go to the section exclusively for health professionals. This service will then send the driver or company the statements of the national agreement by mail.

From the time of sending, the interested party has one month to inform the CPAM of his response. In case of approval, the URSSAF certificate must also be sent. This certificate must also be sent every year in order to extend the agreement.

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