Top 5 Things To Know Before Purchasing A Golf Cart

Golf carts are more popular than ever. With many states and local governments requiring golfers to walk when playing golf or limiting the number of riders per golf cart, more and more golfers are turning to walking carts- push carts, pull carts, and electric golf carts- to make walking the course a better experience than carrying your bag on your back. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some things you ought to know before buying a golf cart.

1. What should a golfer pay to buy a golf cart?


The prices of golf carts vary quite considerably, mainly depending on the type of functionality you get with them. You can get a basic pushcart with two wheels and almost no storage for as little as $75. With a more stable base, better braking features, and construction that packs into a more compact space, you can spend $300 on a golf cart. When you add electric features that turn these carts into motorized caddies, the cost starts at nearly $750 and goes up to $2,000.

2. Number of wheels

Most high-end golf push carts have three or four wheels. Three-wheeled carts tend to offer more mobility because the third wheel allows the golfer to steer while the rear wheels move the cart forward. Four-wheeled carts allow for a smaller base and are a bit easier to push, but they are generally not as easy to steer because the two front wheels (which are generally smaller) work together. If you buy a two-wheeled cart, you will probably be pulling the cart behind you rather than pushing it. Generally speaking, go with a three- or four-wheel cart if you can afford the small price bump.

3. What should a golfer look for in a pushcart braking system?


Most golf cart braking systems are at the foot level. Push a lever up or down to apply or release the brake. Some carts have a brake for each rear wheel. Some have it for only one. Generally speaking, they will work fine. However, if you’re on a hilly course, you may need to adjust the way you park the cart to make sure the brakes kick in, and the cart stops moving.

4. How much cart storage space should a golfer have in their pushcart?

The biggest decision is deciding how much- and what type of storage you want on your pushcart; as a general rule, the more expensive the cart, the more storage (and the better designed). Bare carts essentially have room for a scorecard, maybe a few balls, and that’s it.

The more premium carts offer some sort of container storage for a multitude of things, such as tees, balls, a glove, a scorecard, and a distance measuring unit. The storage can be molded plastic, which won’t drain well in the rain, or it could be supported by mesh, which will drain better and offer flexibility.

High-end carts often come with a cup holder of some sort. However, if this cup holder is molded into the storage area, it may not work well for taller golfers who will need the telescoping handle to be stiffer to fit their hands. It is best to get a cup holder that sits on the side and swivels independently of the storage. The rare cart provides additional storage at the wheel underneath the bag.

5. How are golf carts stored, and should this be factored into your purchase?


As a general rule, I would say how well your golf cart stores in your home or car trunk are not a big deal. As long as there is space in your home or car or your club’s luggage room, that’s all that matters. However, at this time, golf facilities generally do not allow members to store their carts on site. This means golfers must keep pushcarts in their cars and potentially at home between rounds. With everyone at home, that space probably counts.

Even the most basic pushcarts fold down to take less than a square foot of floor space. Basic carts will fold a telescoping handle and store it that way. More advanced carts will fold into compact spaces that are only a few inches deep and about two feet wide, to be only a few feet high. This is a good feature if you live in a crowded space or still drive a lot with your cart.

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