How To Maintain Your Vintage Mercedes?

Mercedes has long fascinated car enthusiasts (collectors and sports car lovers). Getting a Mercedes is a privilege. Moreover, you can choose between several models, sporty, luxury, or vintage. For a sports car lover, performance is the main quality sought. For collectors, maintenance is the most important. However, owning a classic car involves a lot of work. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to maintain a vintage Mercedes.

Vintage cars, luxury cars


The notion of luxury cars does not only concern recent, sporty and over-equipped vehicles. Collector cars are also considered luxury cars. Well maintained, they represent real jewels, especially with the original parts. However, although collector cars have increased in value over the years, they can also deteriorate. In this case, repairs or restorations are essential.

Characteristics of a classic car

A classic car is a car produced in limited series, but generally as a vintage car. In the latter case, several elements are particularly appreciated.

The original parts

Classic cars are equipped with an ingenious mechanical system. This is particularly the element that seduces enthusiasts the most. Indeed, far from the automatism of recent cars, driving an old car gives more pleasure and more control.

An unusual appearance

Even if manufacturers today are trying to create a unique design for newer cars, nothing beats the original appearance of vintage cars. Like the Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda: metal bodywork, aluminum finishes, convertible models, and leather interiors make vintage cars luxury cars.

Reasons to buy classic cars.

Whether inherited or recently purchased, classic cars always appeal, especially to those with a passion for mechanical engineering. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, investing in classic cars is not just for the rich or the elderly. In fact, these stereotypes come from the fact that these models are expensive in general. However, the question arises as to why one should buy a classic car. For some, it is a profitable investment. But for most, the pleasure of driving is the main reason to buy a classic car.

Collector Car Maintenance


Owning a classic car commits the owner to take good care of the vehicle through more or less simple gestures and regular maintenance. The intervention of professionals is, in this case, important.

To maintain the engine.

If you don’t drive the car daily, you should drive it from time to time. This way, driving a few kilometers from time to time will only be beneficial for your car.

Choosing the right storage place

Unlike a normal car, a vintage Mercedes requires specific storage conditions. In addition to the environment, which must be dry and well insulated, it is also important to choose the right floor covering to avoid damaging the tires.

If parts need to be replaced

Some parts are particularly sensitive, especially if the car has not been driven for some time. In this case, the following items are particularly important to watch:

The various filters

Due to lack of maintenance, the filters (fuel, air, oil) can become clogged.

Engine oil

Before driving, it is essential to check the quality and quantity of the engine oil.

The radiator


It is common for the radiator to be rusty or clogged with scabs if it has not been used for a long time. Therefore, it should be checked for a classic car.

How to preserve your classic car

Any owner will tell you that preserving their classic car is one of the most important aspects of maintaining it, helping to prevent corrosion and protect it from the elements. But it goes beyond simply parking it in your garage. Here are some helpful tips for storing your vehicle safely for the long term.

    • Park in a moisture-free garage- It’s all well and good to keep your car in a garage to protect it from the elements, but it should be absolutely moisture-free. Moisture can lead to corrosion, but it can also lead to the growth of fungus in the interior, so we recommend using a heater or dehumidifier to ensure the space is dry when you store your car for long periods of time.
    • Open windows to circulate air- You clearly want to avoid bad odors in the cabin when you take the car out with the arrival of warm weather. To do this, leave the front windows slightly ajar to allow air to circulate and prevent odors from developing.
    • Make sure the paint is out of the sun- If your storage unit has a window or skylight, you’ll need to cover the car to protect it from the sun’s rays, which can gradually cause the paint to fade. There are many car covers available on the market, but we recommend that you choose a ventilated, lined model for maximum protection.

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