How to Choose a Funeral Vehicle?

To comply with the regulations, it is required that the deceased’s body be transported in a specific vehicle. In most cases, the hearse is the vehicle par excellence that is used. With its characteristics, it facilitates the movement of the deceased’s body. However, to make the most of this type of vehicle, you must choose the suitable model. But, how to proceed to select the best vehicle? This article provides the answers.

Choosing the Mortuary Vehicle According to the Model of the Car

In terms of the mortuary vehicle, you can distinguish between van-type mortuary vehicles and limousine type ones. Vans are pretty practical and very easy to handle. Therefore, you can move the body of the deceased without constraint. On the other hand, the “limousine” models have a more elongated and streamlined shape. These characteristics make this style of mortuary vehicle more comfortable for the deceased and other passengers.

So, by focusing on these different car models, you can easily make the right choice. But, in addition to these elements, you also have the option of considering the vehicle’s make. For example, Mercedes, Renault, Fiat brands design good hearse models. Thus, depending on the brand you choose, you will be able to opt for a suitable and comfortable hearse.

Choosing a Hearse According to Its Equipment

In addition to the model of the vehicle, you should also consider the accessories that come with your vehicle. When selecting your hearse, your vehicle must be equipped with a refrigeration system. This will help keep the body in good condition for burial. In addition, the mortuary vehicle should have a waterproof barrier that separates the driver’s cabin from the funeral compartment.

This last requirement is essential because it protects the driver from chemical substances that could be released from the body. Apart from these parameters, it is also vital that the mortuary vehicle has a precise location for the spare wheel and other parts. In this way, you avoid having these materials take up the space of the casket.

Choosing a Hearse Based on the Burial Compartment

The burial compartment is where the body of the deceased is placed. So, given its importance, you should consider its characteristics to make the right choice. First, this part of the casket must be large enough to hold a large casket. In reality, caskets are not all the same size, so it’s best to choose a vehicle that can hold at least two conventional caskets.

In addition, the inner surface of the compartment should be smooth and waterproof. Thus, in case of rain, for example, water will not be able to infiltrate the vehicle and wet the casket. The volume of the driver’s compartment should also be checked. Indeed, if this part is wide enough, the driver will have better comfort in driving. So, it would be beneficial for you to consider all these factors before choosing your funeral vehicle.

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Choosing a Funeral Vehicle Based on Mileage

In addition to the above parameters, you can also consider the vehicle’s mileage to make your choice. Indeed, in some circumstances, cemeteries are located in remote city areas. Thus, it will be necessary to travel many kilometers before reaching the site. In this case, look for mortuary vehicles with a minimum mileage of 600 km. This way, it will be easier for you to get around.

However, if possible, it is possible to take hearses with high mileage like 1000 km or even 1200 km. But, in addition to the mileage, also consider the speed of the vehicle and its agility. All these parameters optimize the mileage and allow the vehicle to function correctly. So, by taking them into account, you are sure to make the right choices.

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