The Different Types Of Services Offered By A Transport Company

Transport companies are increasingly present in many countries. To satisfy their customers or partners, these companies provide several types of services. Some of these services are available to everyone, while others are provided on request. What are the different types of services offered by a transport company?

Passenger transport


Passenger transport is one of the many services offered by transport companies. It is a regulated commercial activity that consists of transporting people (passengers).

Passenger transport involves transporting or moving a person from point A to point B. Passenger transport can be collective or private. Collective transport is a service that takes several people from a starting point to a given destination.

Collective transport is generally carried out by large buses that transport passengers. It is also the case for metros, trains and others. Some transport companies offer collective transport on a regular basis. Others just do it on demand. Air transport is very convenient for transporting people.

Regular public transport

In order to be authorized to operate in regular collective transport, the transport company must first register with the road transport register. It must also define clearly and precisely

  • The points of departure and arrival
  • The frequency
  • The timetable
  • Fares

Transport on demand

Many companies offer refrigerated transport on request. If a customer wishes to make a journey that is not made by the transport company, he or she can use the transport on-demand service. If an agreement is reached with the transport company, the latter can provide a vehicle with a minimum of four seats, including the driver’s seat.

Customers who do not want collective transport can use private transport. This type of transport is provided by chauffeured vehicles such as taxis, motorized two- and three-wheelers, etc. People can be transported by road, water, air and rail. For all your transport needs, contact a professional.

The importance of choosing the right transport company

Not all transport companies offer the same services. The most important thing to remember when making your choice is to have a clear idea of the core business of the company you are considering to see whether or not it meets your needs. A road haulage company with a wide range of fleets and a qualified team will be able to meet your requirements, whatever your sector of activity: refrigerated transport, liquid transport, non-standard size freight, etc. 

The clients of road transport companies include industrial companies, the agricultural sector, the construction industry, the waste industry, etc. A road haulage and goods transport service will ensure your deliveries in full or partial batches. They will adapt to constraints such as for dangerous goods by offering vehicles with controlled temperatures and drivers in order to guarantee qualitative transport, but also the preservation of products.

Transport of goods

The transport of goods is also part of the services offered by transport companies. It is a service that consists of transporting goods from one place to a given destination. Still called freight transport or simply freight, freight transport is a service that is in great demand today. Individuals and companies alike make use of it.

A distinction is made between two types of freight transport: own-account freight transport and third-party freight transport. We speak of own-account freight transport when a company has an internal transport service. We speak of the transport of goods for third parties when it is a service sold by a company specialized in transport. The transport of goods is carried out by specific vehicles. Depending on the type and nature of the goods, the transport of goods can be carried out by land, air, sea or rail.

Car rental


Car rental is a service offered by many transport companies. It is a service that allows different types of vehicles to be rented to an individual or another company. There are generally two types of car rental, namely short-term and long-term. Short-term rental is for one-off needs. Long-term rental allows you to rent a vehicle for several days or even several months. Note that there are companies that also offer express transport.

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