What You Need to Know On Ceramic Coatings

Choosing the type of coating for your surfaces is not always easy: numerous options are available on the market, all different in characteristics and properties. Among these, ceramic coatings stand out as one of the most practical and functional solutions on the market. They are highly resistant to external agents and wear over time, and great aesthetic versatility.

A ceramic coating offers your car’s paintwork long-lasting and effective protection against stubborn dirt and harmful environmental influences. While the nano-sealing forms a protective film on your vehicle’s paint surface, the ceramic coating forms a bond with your paint on a molecular basis without changing its colour. This increases the service life of the ceramic coating compared to that of the nano-sealing. While nano-sealing has a shelf life of up to five years, a coating made of ceramic lasts even longer. The ceramic coating is transparently preserved and protects the paint, and gives it an intense gloss.

After coating, the surface, which is flawless to the naked eye, consists of such a complex structure that there is no longer even slight unevenness even at the nanoscopic level. Dirt particles of any kind, therefore, have almost no possibility of adhesion. This beading effect is also called the lotus effect. Rims can also be provided with a protective, heat-resistant ceramic coating so that brake dust can no longer settle. Water stains after the car wash, stubborn insect residues on the radiator, scratches in the paint, stuck brake dust in the rims, damage from road salt and fading of the paint from UV radiation are a thing of the past with this type of ceramic-based coating.


Reduced Maintenance Effort and Noticeable Cost Savings

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The use of chemical cleaning agents to remove bird droppings and other particularly stubborn dirt is no longer necessary. The remains of the brake dust can now also be easily wiped off the rims. The road salt can no longer cause damage to the paintwork in winter, and neither can UV radiation in summer. Time-consuming polishing is no longer necessary so that the surfaces of your vehicle shine in a flawless shine. Your car does not have to be washed as often, and the effort involved in a car wash is noticeably reduced. The basic program in the car wash is completely sufficient, and there are no more water streaks. Manual washing requires less water than before and all you need is a car shampoo as a supplement.


Preservation of Value for New and Used Vehicles Alike

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The ceramic coating, with its high level of protection and long durability, is a value-preserving measure. The long-term refinement and the associated value-preserving aspect, in particular, make this type of sealing interesting not only for used cars but also for new vehicles. Fundamental measures, such as refurbishing the painted surfaces, would be ruled out from the outset. Frequent drivers particularly benefit from the advantages of lower maintenance requirements and cost savings while maintaining the value of their vehicle. The sooner you have your car sealed, the greater the benefits.


A Value-Preserving Measure for Your Motorhome

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It is no different for mobile homes and caravans. With such a high-priced purchase, such as a portable travel home, value retention is just as, if not even more critical. Primarily since the ceramic coating is used not only on painted surfaces but also on other materials, the superstructures made of glass fibre reinforced plastic in a mobile home can also be provided with an effective seal. Early treatment can counteract the unsightly yellow tint of the white build-up that has developed over the years. The high-quality ceramic coating also prevents black streaks on the sides and micro-scratches.


These Advantages of Ceramic Sealing Apply to All Types of Vehicles

  • An exceptional deep gloss of the paint,
  • Remarkable suppleness of the surfaces,
  • Micro-scratch free,
  • Beading effect – lotus effect,
  • Improved visibility through the windshield,
  • Dirt and insects hardly stick,
  • No burning-in of brake dust on the rims and bird droppings on the paint,
  • Great time and cost savings in cleaning and care:
  • Either a basic program in the car wash or manual washing with little water consumption and a car shampoo
  • No polishing required
  • Environmentally friendly:
  • Less water consumption for manual washing
  • No use of chemical cleaning agents
  • Value-preserving measure through long-term refinement


What Else Should You Know?

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  • Before a ceramic coating, your car is cleaned very thoroughly in several steps. All dirt residues and impurities are carefully removed. The surfaces are degreased, polishing may be carried out before the sealing takes place. The better the pre-cleaning and paint preparation, the higher the adhesion of the coating and its longevity.
  • A ceramic coating lasts longer than five years and therefore longer than a nano-coating. However, the durability of the ceramic coating is also influenced by the vehicle’s individual level of use. The higher this is, the more the car is exposed to harmful environmental influences, which have a detrimental effect on the durability of the coating over the years.
  • For manual vehicle washing, we recommend a gentle, PH-neutral car shampoo, the composition of which is optimally matched to use on vehicles with a ceramic coating.
  • Ceramic coatings are also used in other areas as effective and glossy surface protection.


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