What to Do in Case of a Mechanical Breakdown on a Highway?


Having a mechanical breakdown on a highway is an event that can happen to anyone. Certain solutions are available if you don’t know what to do in this situation. What are these solutions if you have a mechanical breakdown on a highway?

What You Should Do Before Your Vehicle Is Towed Away on the Highway

The first thing you should do if your car breaks down on a highway is to ensure your safety. To do this, certain safety precautions must be followed. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

First, you must turn on your hazard lights to signal that you are stranded on the highway. Then, it would help if you drove to a shelter or rest area. If the situation of your vehicle does not allow it, it is recommended to park it as far to the right as possible on the hard shoulder.

To get out of the broken-down vehicle on the highway, you must wear a yellow safety vest. You must also exit on the right side of the vehicle. These conditions also apply to passengers in the car. You must remember to keep as far away from the road as possible.

Repairing a Broken Down Vehicle on a Highway

You should think about repairing the breakdown of your vehicle as soon as you guarantee its safety and yours. It is not advisable to entrust this repair task to just anyone.

Qualified Professionals to Repair Your Vehicle

You must contact a licensed company to repair your vehicle on a highway.

Towing companies also specialize in car maintenance. This means that the towing company has the expertise to repair your vehicle. Usually, you have to wait for 30 minutes before a tow truck arrives to fix your car.

The towing company will tow your vehicle elsewhere if the breakdown cannot be fixed on-site. This may be your garage that helps you improve the condition of your cars, a rest stop, or the company’s garage.

Your insurer’s involvement in the recovery of your car that broke down on a highway

In most cases, your insurance coverage will not work if you have a car breakdown on a highway. However, you can request that your vehicle be taken to a closer exit. Afterward, you will contact the insurance company to take charge of your vehicle.

In addition, your insurance policy may indicate reimbursement of towing costs and other expenses related to the breakdown of your vehicle on a highway. Your car can easily be taken care of if you have no distance constraints.

Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Mechanical Breakdown on a Highway

You should always keep the yellow safety vests to prep yourself in case your vehicle breaks down on a highway. You should also remember to keep the triangles in position to avoid possible traffic accidents.

On the other hand, you should keep your vehicle’s papers and a copy of your insurance contract. Indeed, this contract contains the necessary information for the breakdown service of your car.

If you have a car breakdown on a highway, remember to be safe and contact the emergency services to repair your vehicle.

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  1. Great advice that you should consult a towing company for assistance if you’re struggling to get your car running again. My brother is interested in purchasing a used car and driving to different spots around the country. I believe that a nearby towing emergency company can help him out when he gets stuck on the road.

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