The Price Difference Between Cab and VTC in France

Choosing between taking a cab or booking a VTC is often difficult for some users. Comfort, speed and, quality of service, affordability are the requirements for transportation. Cabs are highly recommended for short trips or errands. As for the VTC, it is highly recommended for extended trips such as vacations or business trips. Moreover, this vehicle is ideal for celebrating an event. How much does the speed of service or the comfort of a VTC cost? Find out the answers in this article.

General Information About Cabs and Vtcs

Although both cabs and VTCs offer personal transportation services, a VTC trip is distinguished by additional services. Indeed, passengers in this type of vehicle can enjoy the comfort they will not find in a cab ride. Refreshing drinks, sweets, snacks, newspapers, magazines, wi-fi, and a tablet can be made available. In a cab, you have to settle for a standard level of service.

The cab vehicle is easily recognizable by the illuminated sign on its roof. This is marked “TAXI”. With a VTC, discretion is required. A red sticker can only distinguish it stuck on its front and rear windshields. The company’s VTC registration number and the vehicle’s registration number are mentioned.

One of the distinguishing features of a cab and a VTC is the pricing method. A cab is equipped with a taximeter, a kind of time meter that calculates the price of the journey according to the distance covered, the duration of the trip, and specific parameters (night hours, public holidays, etc.). The price to be paid is only known upon arrival at the destination. This often opens the door to “meter scams” to overcharge customers. Contrary to a cab’s pricing, a VTC’s pricing offers more freedom to the passengers. Indeed, no matter the traffic and the unforeseen events on the road, the price is fixed in advance at the time of the reservation. The price depends on the departure address, the destination and the route. Opting for a VTC prevents any unpleasant surprises related to payment.

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Cab vs VTC: How To Calculate the Price of the Journey?

To determine the cost of a trip by cab or VTC, three elements must be taken into account:

The Basic Price

For a cab, the price increases considerably when a certain speed threshold is crossed. If the car keeps a speed lower than 30 km/h, the price per minute is applied. This is between 0.55 €/min and 0.70 €/min. On the other hand, the price per kilometer will be activated if the 30 km/h is exceeded. If the car drives at 50 km/h, the price is between 1€/km and 1,30€/km.

The pricing of a VTC trip is based on the price per minute and kilometer. Unlike a cab, there is no speed limit. Only the price per minute (0,30€/min) will be considered when the vehicle stops. But when driving, the price per kilometer is added to it. For example, with a speed of 30 km/h, the price will be calculated as follows

0,30€/min + 1€/km, that is to say 0,30€/min + 0,50€/min (see previous calculation) = 0,80€/min

According to these calculations, the price of a VTC is more or less similar to that of a cab when the vehicle exceeds 15km/h. However, the difference is felt when the vehicle is stopped, the taximeter will indicate 0,55€/min while the price of a VTC goes down to 0,30€/min.


Cab drivers cannot apply a surcharge because their pricing is regulated.

VTC drivers, on the other hand, have some freedom in their pricing. Indeed, they can increase their price according to the geographical area and the time. Sometimes this price is doubled (from 0.30€/min to 0.60€/min), which is much higher than a cab. In addition, the higher the speed, the more profitable the trip.

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The Approach Fee

A marauding cab sets a minimum price of 7.10€ in Paris. When booked via a cab application, an approach fee of 4€ is charged. The minimum cost of a cab ride can be as high as 11.10€.

The minimum price of a VTC trip varies depending on the booking application. In general, it is between 6€ and 7€. No approach fees are taken into account.

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