All About the Vsl

VSL is the acronym for Light Sanitary Vehicle. Most of the time, it is used in the healthcare field to transport patients. Unlike the ambulance, the vsl transport does not have any medical care. It simply provides sanitary transportation of a patient from a place to the hospital. In any case, the clients who use the services of a company specialized in vsl transport are the people who make a medical visit, a medical examination or a hospitalization. In short, anything that involves transporting a patient from one point to another without providing specific care. In addition, this type of vehicle is not equipped with medical equipment.

The Particularities of a vsl Transport

The people who benefit from a vsl transport are subscribed to health insurance. Therefore, this guarantee covers many services, such as the use of the vehicle, the transport of the patient to the destination, the disinfection of the car and the care of the patient. In principle, the tariff for this type of service is fixed by the national convention, considering the conventional tax, price increase, and exceptional cases. Although this car is not equipped to provide care to the sick, it must still include a first aid kit.

The Essentials of a vsl Transport

In general, a vsl transport is an option proposed by your doctor. He decides to use the services of such a professional when he notices that his clients do not have enough autonomy to move around on their own. However, the decision to contact a contracted cab or vsl transport is not his or her own. It is up to the patient to choose the mode of transportation. In all circumstances, both types of transportation fall into professionalized seated transportation.

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