Why Is Your Gearbox Getting Hard?



    – Hard gearbox: principle of the gearbox

    – Hard gearbox: symptoms

    – Hard Gearbox: Causes

    – Hard gearbox: maintenance and repair

The gearbox is a vital part of the car’s mechanical system. Without its action, it cannot progress in speed or even start. Feeling your gearbox hard is a symptom of failure. It is important not to take it lightly and to consult a professional before the engine suffers.

Hard gearbox: the principle of the gearbox

 The combustion engine emits a power that is transmitted to the wheels through it. The gearbox regulates the power at the driver’s discretion by reducing it or reducing the ratio. Thus, you can drive the vehicle at a high speed or walking pace.

Hard gearbox: symptoms

Since the gearbox is designed to overcome the resistance to starting or moving the vehicle, a malfunction causes a car to stop as soon as the speed changes. It is advisable to pay attention to this sensitive organ and be reactive to failure’s first symptoms.

One of the most common failures is a stiff gearbox; the feeling is immediate: the gears have difficulty shifting, the driver has to force and sometimes hear the gears cracking.

It is then time to go to a professional because such a failure inevitably leads to additional strain on the engine, which, in time, could wear out and suffer from failure in its turn.

Hard gearbox: causes

The gearbox requires complex technology and can be fragile. It is, therefore, necessary to be vigilant and act as quickly as possible in the event of a failure.

If the gearbox is hard and the gears are difficult to shift, the first thing is to check the gearbox oil. This is the first cause of failure. The transmission may have run out of oil and react accordingly.

If the container is full, check its quality: black oil indicates that the gearbox parts are worn and should be replaced. If it is too fluid, it is simply worn out and should be changed.

If the oil is changed and the gearbox is still stiff, perhaps the synchros are faulty. If this is the case, the rest of the parts must also be in bad condition. It is then recommended to change the gearbox.

Hard gearbox: maintenance and repair

To keep a gearbox in good working order, make sure the oil is changed regularly, and the components are well lubricated. If damage is detected, a private individual can change them if his hands are expert. However, we recommend that you call in a professional.

Changing a gearbox can be an expensive operation. For instance, 1 hour of professional labour can cost between $40 and $60, excluding the price of parts. In total, this operation should not exceed $1,200.

Note well:

A gearbox is an essential part of car mechanics. A failure or breakage will inevitably cause premature engine wear. You should therefore consult a professional as soon as the first signs appear.

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