Steering Wheel Vibrations: Symptoms, Causes, Solutions, and Maintenance


    – Steering Wheel Vibration: A Symptom to Alert the Driver

    – Steering wheel vibration: causes and solutions

    – Steering Wheel Vibration: Proper Maintenance to Avoid Risks

Nothing is more unpleasant but especially worrying than driving a vehicle when the steering wheel vibrates. It’s best to know the cause of this symptom so that you can remedy it as quickly as possible and prevent it from happening again. Let’s take a look at the most common causes and solutions to steering wheel vibration.

Steering wheel vibration: a symptom that should alert the driver

A vehicle’s steering wheel is said to vibrate when there is a tremor in the steering, and the steering is difficult to control.

In this case, it is urgent to analyze the various causes of steering wheel vibration. This is a symptom that betrays a malfunction that should not be neglected, as it may have consequences for certain mechanical components.

Good to know: a malfunction that can cause steering wheel vibrations is never harmless. For everyone’s safety, it’s essential to fix it as soon as possible.

Steering wheel vibrations: causes and solutions


A mechanical malfunction can cause steering wheel vibration. The most common causes are related to a steering problem.

The most common causes are steering problems, such as misalignment, poor wheel balance, or a deflated front tire.


In the case of misalignment, it is necessary to check and correct the front axle alignments. If the defect persists, it will result in rapid and abnormal wear of the tires and the malfunction of the steering components. In addition, a misalignment will result in poor handling.

After having tested the alignment on the test bench, the alignment must be adjusted. It consists of adjusting the angles of the wheel to its axis. To do this, the center of gravity of the wheel to the rim must be corrected to re-establish the right balance of the wheel.

To adjust the wheel alignment, remove the wheel and unscrew the ball joint nut located at the shock absorber. Then you have to adjust the ball joint by turning it inwards or outwards, depending on the correction to be made. Now you have to reassemble the wheel and recheck the parallelism, ensuring that the steering wheel is well-positioned.

Incorrect wheel balancing

When the vehicle runs at a certain speed and the steering wheel vibrates, it indicates an unbalanced wheel. After checking, it is crucial to correct this defect. 

The principle consists of introducing a zinc mass between the tire and the rim to distribute the wheels’ weight evenly. The mass is placed with the help of a machine called a wheel balancer when mounting the tire on the rim.

Deflated tire

Finally, if the front tire is deflated, it can also cause the steering wheel to vibrate. In this case, it is advisable to check the tire pressure and inflate it without delay.

More rarely, steering wheel vibration can be caused by a bent rim, a loose lug nut, or a problem with the brake system.

Good to know: when a tremor is felt in the steering wheel, it is recommended to have your vehicle diagnosed by a professional who will be able to detect the slightest anomaly and will be able to remedy it as soon as possible.

Steering wheel vibrations: good maintenance to avoid risks

To prevent the driver from having to deal with steering wheel vibrations, it is advisable to regularly check the tire pressure and the good condition of the steering and suspension components.

This type of maintenance is carried out periodically, especially during the maintenance visit recommended by the car manufacturer. This is why it is essential to never neglect the care of your vehicle by the dealer, a garage, or an auto center.

Good to know: if you want to buy a used car, make sure that you do not notice any vibrations on the steering wheel during the test drive. If you notice any such symptoms, get the seller to pay for any maintenance or repairs. If the seller refuses to do so, it is in your best interest to abandon the purchase.


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