How to Use an Engine Oil Leak Stop Product


 – Stop engine oil leakage: definition and characteristics

 – How do I use the engine oil leakage stop?

 – Engine oil leakage stop: advantages and disadvantages

 – Price of the engine oil leakage stop


If you notice an oil leak at the engine seals, it is best to react quickly. One solution is to use the Engine Oil Leakage Stop. Let’s take a look at this product’s features, its advantages and disadvantages and its price.

 Engine Oil Leakage Stop: Definition and Features

 The engine oil leakage stop is an additive to be poured into the crankcase. This product contains components that tend to increase the seals’ elasticity, which significantly reduces engine oil leaks and seepage. It also has other functions, such as :

 – It acts on the seals by increasing their volume by up to 70%.

 – It limits residue deposits on the valve.

 – Reduces rocker arm and camshaft noise.

 Good to know: the engine oil leakage stop is an efficient and straightforward easy-to-use product since it does not require any disassembly of parts.

 How to use the stop leakage engine oil?

 The stop leak engine oil is to be used in a preventive mode and in a curative way. Pour the contents of the bottle through the crankcase filler opening after an engine oil change. The product is designed to treat approximately 6 litres of oil. Make sure not to exceed the maximum level on the dipstick. Ideally, one treatment should be performed every 15,000 kilometres, with each engine oil change.


Good to know: You can also use the engine oil leakage stop for the gearbox. 

 Engine oil stop leakage: advantages and disadvantages

 The engine oil leakage stop has some significant benefits, namely:

 – It does not damage the oil filter.

 – It does not change the quality of the oil.

 – It is compatible with mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils.

 – It is suitable for all engines (petrol, LPG, diesel, hybrid).

 It is an economical solution in case of a light leak since it saves the intervention’s mechanic’s cost.

 – Its action is fast and long-lasting.

 However, this product is not without drawbacks since:

 – It does not renovate cracked or broken joints.

 – It acts only on rubber and neoprene gaskets.

 – It can be the cause of allergies as soon as it directly connects with the skin. It is therefore recommended to wear gloves for each use.


Good to know: before pouring the stop leak engine oil, it is imperative to follow the precautions for use indicated on the bottle. Indeed, this product is dangerous. It must therefore be kept out of sight and reach of children.

 Price of the stop leak engine oil

 The engine oil leakage stop is available in auto accessory stores and on dealer sites dedicated to automotive parts.

 The price of a 300 ml bottle is between $20 and $25.


Good to know: if, despite everything, the use of this product is deemed ineffective, it is strongly recommended to contact a professional to intervene on the engine oil leak without delay.

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