The Lie about the Label of Synthetic Technology appearing on Engine Oil gallons

What is synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils are a kind of lubricant consisting of some chemical compounds that have been man-made. Synthetic lubricants are factory-made by chemically modifying petroleum components rather than refining crude oil like is the case for mineral oils.

What is “Synthetic Technology”?

Oils that are labeled as “Synthetic Technology” are in fact semi-synthetic oils containing a mixture of synthetic oil and mineral oil.

Sneaky marketing!
Do not be fooled by a label that says “Synthetic Technology” instead of writing in clear terms “Semi-Synthetic”! This is often a marketing tactic to make people believe that they are actually buying fully synthetic oil when in fact it is not true!

Be wary of the price tags!
You will notice a difference in price among mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully synthetic oil. Some sellers may be selling oils labeled as “Synthetic Technology”, which are in reality, semi-synthetic oils, in the same price range of fully synthetic oils and thus, misleading consumers.

Again, what you should understand is that synthetic technology oil is not fully synthetic oil.

Synthetic technology oil is partly synthetic and using technology and machinery to produce a blend of conventional oil mixed with fully synthetic oil. If it does not state FULLY SYNTHETIC on the label, it is by all bets, not a full synthetic oil!

You do not need to be an oil expert here, but you will agree that there are standards to be approved before an oil manufacturer can claim his oil to be fully synthetic.

If the “Synthetic Technology” was indeed fully synthetic, it would have clearly mention so on the label, without any mealy-mouth words like “Synthetic Technology”!

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