Car Hack #4: Traveling with Food

When planning a road trip, the first thing that comes into mind is not the sites you’ll see, or the amazing time you’ll have but what food you should bring! Food somehow always ends up in the car, whether on the day-to-day commute or for a take-out night at home. So why haven’t car manufacturers created smarter ways to keep food in the car?

  1. The seat warmer. Seat warmers may seem restricted to only one feature, but they can be useful for keeping other buns warm too! Keep the seat on a high temperature, and place your food securely on the seat, once you get home your food will still be as warm and as fresh as when you took it out the store.
  2. Plastic cereal containers. These containers cost only a few bucks and are large enough to fit all the trash you’ll possibly go through on a road trip. The containers also close shut, making it a safe way to keep all kinds of trash contained till you can throw it out.
  3. The cup holder. Unfortunately, this is the only one with no easy fix. Most cars either come with two or none and in between, there are a whole lot of cups that spill and need holders. You could use a shoe, a roll of gaffers tape, or buy one of the many innovative cup holders on sale.

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