How to Have a Flawless Bodywork for Your Vehicle?

For most motorists, it is also essential to have a flawless body in addition to being on top of their game mechanically. The latter is the most vulnerable part of the car, being the first to be in contact with the outside. Pay careful attention to your bodywork because it reflects your personality. But what can you do to have a perfect bodywork? Discover the answers in this article.

Clean without streaks

To clean your car without leaving a trace, apply the proper method and use the right accessories and quality products. These products differ depending on the part of the car to be cleaned.

To do this, wet your car with a high-pressure jet to remove the dirt. Start at the bottom and work your way up until the entire car is wet.

Remove stubborn stains with a sponge or microfiber cloth, being careful with the paint. Rinse regularly, always with the high-pressure jet. Avoid using a brush (reserved for rims and arms) to avoid damaging the color and the bumpers.

Soap with a professional product adapted to the bodywork. Rinse the whole car.

Finally, wipe carefully with a clean, dry cloth.

A special anti-scratch treatment

If minor scratches have appeared despite your care, they need to be treated.

For micro-scratches, take a tube of scratch remover and shake it. Apply it regularly with a soft cloth on the affected area. Wipe in a circular motion over the area with a microfiber cloth until the layer is invisible.

For heavy scratches, use a correction pen in the same color as your bodywork, which car manufacturers sell.

Polishing for more shine

Polishing is done away from the sun, using a polish cream. It can make your body shine, remove unpleasant marks (such as mosquito residue) and hide sanding marks and scratches on fresh or old paint.

Before applying:

Shake the bottle.
Apply directly to each small area of your bodywork, rub the surface in a circular motion with a soft cloth until a white haze appears, and let dry.
Once dry, wipe with a microfiber.

A shine for a touch of brilliance

Buffing allows you to enhance your car’s paintwork by restoring its original shine. It also makes it easier to wash your car.

First, spray the product on the surface at about 20 centimeters. Wipe with a soft cloth and polish with microfiber for a perfect result.

A straightening in case of a dented bodywork

In case your bodywork is dented, straighten it with one of the 3 proposed techniques following a shock.

The first one is to use a suction cup to suck the dent out. For the suction cup to cling to your bodywork, apply a lubricant such as Vaseline around the dent. The suction effects will straighten the body to its normal state. Repeat the action until you get the result.

The second technique is to use a hair dryer. Heat the dent at the highest temperature. When the maximum temperature is reached, cool the surface with a compressed air spray or a bucket of water to keep it simple. The temperature changes cause the metal to expand and help it regain its old shape.

The third technique is to use a hammer, provided you can get inside the dent. Before proceeding, place a rubber mallet on the area to be struck and a metal plate on the opposite side. Take your time, striking a little at a time, until the dent is completely straight.

A fresh coat of paint

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of body paint to keep your car looking great.

In general, painting the body is a 6-step process.

First, replace the damaged body part with a new or used one.

Then cover any damaged areas with a finishing putty. Then, choose a color. Be aware that during the first quarter of 2021, flashy colors such as Faro Yellow, Fusion Orange, and Caramel Brown were in fashion.

Next, sand the entire bodywork. Then, apply a coat of primer and sand again. Finally, apply your chosen paint.

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