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All You Need To Know About Car Wreck Removal

The removal of a car wreck is done when it is declared out of order. In most cases, a car is declared out of order following an accident. The removal of the car wreck becomes mandatory and punishable by law if not respected. Here is some information on everything you need to know about car wreck removal.

Using a wrecker


Vehicles declared as end-of-life are a waste to the environment. Therefore, provisions have been put in place to send these vehicles to approved centers for destruction. However, for the removal of a wreck in compliance with the rules, it is obvious that a professional is needed.

The professional does the loading, and takes care of the transport of the vehicle to the nearby end-of-life vehicle (ELV) center. Sometimes the procedure is free of charge under certain conditions.

What does the ELV center do?

Generally, the ELV center is responsible for recycling used batteries and many other things. Of course, the main function is the removal of the wreckage of cars declared as the end of life.

The ELV center is in charge of destroying the car so that it does not constitute a waste for the environment. However, the center requires several documents before proceeding with the destruction of the car.

Documents to be provided for the removal of a wreck: which ones?

The recycling of metals is often subject to rules. That said, the destruction of a wreck is subject to the provision of several documents, such as:

    • The vehicle’s registration card is properly scratched with a note that it has been transferred or sold on the date of its removal for destruction. The owner(s) must inevitably sign. It is also necessary to have a registration certificate in order to obtain insurance from the wreckers.
    • A photocopy of the identity document(s) of the various owners and holders of the vehicle registration document.
    • A certificate of non-tagging dated less than 15 days.
    • A duly completed form for the declaration of vehicle transfer. With this document, you can cancel your car insurance contract.

Conversion bonus

It is now possible to benefit from a bonus by adopting ecological actions. For example, between steel and wood, the choice of wood for its construction could allow benefiting from a premium. The objective is to adopt less harmful behaviors to the environment.

It is therefore, possible to receive a conversion premium for the destruction of a vehicle. It is a help for anyone submitting his old diesel or gasoline car to destruction. Of course, the objective is to replace it with a less polluting car. The aid is part of this objective. To benefit from this premium, it is essential to meet certain conditions, such as:

    • The delivery of the vehicle within 6 months of the request for the conversion bonus
    • Be the owner of the vehicle delivered for at least one year
    • The car must be registered in France and have insurance
    • It must not be pledged and not considered a damaged vehicle
    • A vehicle for private individuals or a van.

It should be noted that the application for the premium must be addressed to the seller or to the leasing company.

What are the conditions for free car wreck removal?


Wreck removal is often free of charge when the car is destined for scrap. It can be a 4-wheel vehicle in an irrecoverable state following an accident, an old car with rust, a motorcycle, or a motor home. As soon as they are destined for the scrapyard, their removal is free of charge. However, the vehicle must not be difficult to access. It must not be in a ravine or in a low-ceilinged underground parking lot.

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