Did You Know That The Patty Allows You To Drive Up To 80km/H?

While designed to withstand a lot of impacts, tires can eventually go flat or blow out with wear and tear. In this case, either you don’t have a spare tire, and you have to call a mechanic, or you have a light, and you can replace it while you put on a new pair of wheels. But be careful! The distance you can drive is limited. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the number of kilometres you drive with a spare.

The particularities of the patty wheel


This wheel allows you to reach a garage as soon as possible to install a complete wheel. Smaller and thinner, it is lighter than other wheels on a vehicle. Your safety is not guaranteed if you drive a lot more time with the patty wheel. It can only be used once.

Advantages of the patty wheel

Since it is smaller, its price is lower than that of a conventional spare wheel. With its size, it takes up little space in your car trunk. It is also light and easy to change in case of a problem on the road.

Driving conditions for the use of a spare tire

The use of a spare tire changes the whole way of driving. It reduces the vehicle’s handling, especially the steering, braking and suspension functions. Indeed, the vehicle brakes with difficulty, especially in curves. The stability of the rear axle is compromised since this can lead to oversteer.

However, with the differences in size and inflation pressure between a full-size wheel and a spare, some driving and safety features are limited. This is the case with ABS or ESP, which do not function normally when a spare wheel is mounted on a car. You should always be on your guard, especially on a winding road.

The maximum speed with a sprocket wheel

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With its small size and structure, a pancake wheel is less resistant than a normal-sized wheel. Indeed, it cannot be used at high speed. Therefore, it is recommended to drive at 80km/h on average with this wheel. Normally, the maximum speed is mentioned on the sidewall of the tire or a label stuck on the rim. It is advisable to use a spare tire in case of emergency and to repair the flat tire as soon as possible. Choose a trusted auto repair shop to repair your tires.

Practical tips for driving with a flat tire

As a temporary spare tire, it should be replaced as soon as a regular tire is available. This is because the size of a pancake wheel is smaller than a normal wheel. But its pressure is higher and your driving becomes irregular. Never use more than one sprocket wheel simultaneously to avoid affecting your car’s stability and handling.

The pressure of your caster wheel

Constantly check your caster wheel and the tread. Also, check the inflation pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Of course, a pancake tire’s durability is shorter than a normal tire’s.

Disabled safety systems


It is important to keep in mind that driving with a pancake wheel causes failures in the electronic stability and traction control systems. The safety systems will reactivate as soon as your spare caster wheel is changed for a regular wheel. Therefore, you should slow down when both of these systems shut down for your safety. Driving with a spare tire should be done for a short period of time and a short distance. Don’t forget to check your car’s mileage if you want experts in regular or spare tires.

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