Things To Remember When Cleaning Your Cab

With the surplus of population and the increasing transportation demands, a cab accumulates a lot of dirt during its daily use. It should be noted that a dirty taxi loses its good looks and its clientele and can also increase the risk of damage to the vehicle.

Not to mention that the interior of a car is a house of bacteria, and there will be no comfort or hygiene for the passenger if it is not regularly cleaned. In fact, frequent cleaning protects against wear and tear. It will also reduce the risk of disease and is necessary to ensure safety and limit the risk of accidents.

How to clean the exterior of your cab?


Cleaning your cab is part of the weekly technical controls that must be carried out in the standards. Generally, to proceed with the manual washing, you need to access three steps: the bodywork, the windows, and the wheels. The first thing to do is to place your car in the shade. Then prepare warm water mixed with soap.

Start by spraying the car with a jet of water. Then, clean the bodywork with a sponge, and scrub the dirt off well before rinsing with a new jet of water. Then, with a chamois, dry the car to avoid stains left by the limestone found in the water. Don’t forget to check the dirtiest areas.

To clean the windows, mix 75 ml of hot water with 25 ml of white vinegar, spray the glass parts with the mixture, rub the surfaces with a cloth or newspaper and rinse afterward. Rims get dirty quickly, requiring frequent cleaning. To clean them properly, take a wheel cleaner and a cloth. Spray the product generously and let it sit.

After a few moments, scrub with a special brush in the corners and inside the rims. Finally, wipe with a clean, dry cloth to remove any product residue. To complete the exterior cleaning, wash the tires. Moisten them with soapy water, and then scrub them with a brush with medium-stiff bristles. Rinse and repeat the operation on the still dirty parts. When the tires are well cleaned, rinse them with clean water. If you don’t feel like this job, there are car cleaning services that will gladly do it for you.

How to clean the interior of your cab?


The interior of a cab must be washed regularly to provide comfort to the customers and allow them to enjoy the ride. Before cleaning the interior, the passenger compartment and trunk should be emptied to facilitate cleaning and sorting. First, clean the carpets and rugs by spraying them with a carpet cleaner and scrubbing them with a brush.

Now proceed to wash the carpet. Using a vacuum cleaner, dust the interior of the carpets first. You can brush the carpet if it is really dirty. To remove stains:

  1. Spray a special textile cleaner on the marks.
  2. Scrub the stained areas and then dry the product with paper towels.
  3. After cleaning the carpets and rugs, move on to the dashboard.

Simply wipe with a microfiber cloth and a small amount of leather or plastic cleaner. Do not spray directly on the dashboard. Afterwards, clean the other plastic parts of the car. Scrub with a brush, and soapy water is sufficient for the doors. Scrub well and dry well with a clean cloth or towel.

The same process is used for the steering wheel and the gearshift knob. For the last step, proceed to wash the seats. Vacuum them to get rid of crumbs. Brush in a circular motion with a mixture of two cups of warm water, two teaspoons of soda crystals, and two tablespoons of liquid soap. Wipe the seats with a towel. Finally, open the windows and let them dry. This process applies no matter what brand of cab you have: Peugeot, Citroen, Renault.

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