Is An Engine Overhaul Necessary Before Leaving On A Trip?

Going on vacation with your own car is a highly efficient concept. Indeed, it allows you to do without the constraints related to public transportation (schedules and comfort). However, in addition to the usual preparations, special attention must be paid to the car’s condition. In this case, several elements must be checked. These are usually the points that affect the driving and the safety of the passengers. A complete overhaul before departure is strongly recommended. This should be done by a professional.

Why check the engine before a trip?


Overhauling the engine before leaving is essential on several points. If you are used to driving in the city at a low speed, the engine will have difficulty providing the necessary power for this new speed. Indeed, going on vacation often means long journeys, which often require a sustained engine speed.

During a trip at high engine speed, some parts are more stressed than others. They require special attention to avoid causing any inconvenience on the road. Moreover, for a long trip, driving comfort becomes essential. In addition to road holding, the engine’s power can also influence this comfort.

When to have the engine serviced?

Engine overhaul is part of the periodic maintenance of the car. Therefore, it is essential to refer to the vehicle’s maintenance booklet to determine the ideal date for service. If the date has passed, it is mandatory to have the vehicle, especially the engine, serviced. This should be done a few days or weeks before departure to anticipate possible repairs. An up-to-date logbook is more reassuring. However, this does not guarantee the total reliability of your vehicle, and early checks are essential.

Engine overhaul: what should be checked?

Before leaving on vacation, several elements must be checked during an engine overhaul.

Oil level

The change in engine speed has a great influence on the functioning of the parts in general. This has an impact on the engine oil. It is therefore essential to check its level and quality before setting off and to change it if necessary. Poor quality oil causes the engine to overheat quickly and increases the emission of polluting gases.

The different filters


Filters play an important role in engine operation. They are also subject to various problems. If you use the vehicle on a daily basis, especially in the city, it is very likely that some filters are clogged. They should be checked and replaced.

  • The air filter ensures that the air that enters the fuel combustion process is free of impurities
  • Fuel filter to protect critical components such as injectors
  • The oil filter, especially after an oil change.

The different fluids

These 4 fluids are also elements to check before leaving on vacation.

1. Engine and transmission oil

The engine oil and transmission oil ensure the lubrication of all the car’s mechanical parts. In this case, in addition to its level, it should be checked that it is not too viscous and does not contain residues from combustion.

2. Brake fluid

It is difficult to determine the efficiency of the brakes when driving at low speed. However, at high speeds, the performance of the brakes has a major impact on driving. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should check the brake fluid level.

3. The coolant

An engine that is under greater stress tends to heat up more quickly. It is therefore essential to make sure that the coolant level can adapt to this use.

4. Fuel


The level of fuel depends on the distance to be covered. Also, check that the fuel gauge is fully functional.

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