How to Change Car Wiper Blades


– Step 1: Look for signs of wear and tear

– Step 2: Choose the right time to change your wipers

– Step 3: Choose the right model

– Step 4: Disassemble the worn blades

– Step 5: Install the new wipers

– Step 6: Test your new wiper blades

– Step 7: Maintain your wipers

Wiper blades contribute to the safety of vehicle occupants by providing good visibility. Ensuring their maintenance is therefore essential and enters the checkpoints of a technical inspection.

Repeated use and temperature variations cause rapid wear and tear, especially on rubber wipers. It is therefore advisable to change your wiper blades every 6 months to 1 year.

This operation is simple but requires a little care to avoid breaking your blades.

Caution: This plug covers common cases of U-blade and flat blade wipers, but some attachment systems may differ, so always refer to the included instructions on each wiper blade package.

1. Check for signs of wear and tear

– The first noticeable sign of wear and tear on your wiper blades is poor wiping. Drag or haze will appear as the blades pass over, some parts are not wiped, etc.

– Squeaks or jerks also characterize wiper blade wear.

– Some wiper blades are also equipped with a wear indicator. The wear indicator is a black tab that turns yellow as the edge wears. If the indicator light turns completely yellow, it is urgent to change your wiper blades!

2. Choose the right time to change your wiper blades

It is advisable to change a wiper blade in the fall or spring :

– In the fall: The heat of summer accelerates the wear of the rubber, so it is preferable to change your blades before the arrival of winter and its bad weather.

– In spring: Bad weather, frost, salt are all factors of wear for your wiper blades. As summer approaches, it is essential to have blades in good condition to prevent dust and insects from being crushed on your windshield.

3. Choosing the right model

When purchasing new wiper blades, it is important to identify the make, model and year on the new wiper blades. Models with more comprehensive lists are also available at auto parts stores.

Also, be sure to choose the right type of wiper. There are 2 main types of wipers:

– the classic U-shaped wipers;

– the “flat blade” windshield wipers which equip recent cars.

Clipping systems differ, so it is essential to choose the right type of wiper.

Tip: If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a salesperson for advice.

4. Disassembling worn wipers

4.1 U-shaped windshield wiper

Disassembling the wiper blade is not complicated in itself but must be done delicately not to break an element.

– Raise the branch of the wiper blade to be changed to 90°.

– Tilt the wiper at 90°, and the whole thing will form a T shape.

– Unclip the blade by pressing the tab at the junction between the branch and the blade.

– Pull the blade out of the U without twisting it.

4.2 Flat blade wiper

Removing flat blade wipers is very simple:

– Raise the branch of the blade to be changed to 90°.

– Unclip the wiper blade: Usually, a small button allows you to perform this operation smoothly.

5. Mount the new blades

5.1 U-shaped windshield wiper

It is the opposite operation. First of all, check that the new wiper is the right length. 

Attention: on a car, the two wipers are not the same size!

– Place the new wiper close to the branch, making sure to position the wear indicator towards the car’s inside.

– Clip the new wiper onto the bracket with one hand; the other hand must hold the branch firmly to avoid twisting it.

– Gently fold the branch over the windshield.

Good to know: Each windshield wiper package comes with instructions, so take the time to read them!

5.2 Flat Blade Wipers

As for disassembly, the assembly of the flat blade wiper is straightforward:

– Clip the wiper blade to the branch.

– Make sure that the mounting is correct.

– Gently fold the unit over the windshield.

6. Test your new wiper blades

To avoid unpleasant surprises the next time it rains, be sure to test your new wiper blades before you hit the road :

– Turn on the ignition.

– Wipe the windshield wipers with the washer to avoid damaging the rubbers.

– The test must be conclusive and the windscreen free of streaks.

7. Maintaining your blades

Remember to clean the rubber scrapers regularly with warm water and a lint-free cloth.

This straightforward maintenance will increase the life of your wiper blades.

Caution: do not perform this operation on new blades as it could damage the new rubber and make them a little too smooth and therefore less efficient.

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