5 Sworn Enemies of Your Car

Variations in temperature, bad weather, dust, dirt, damaged roads: these are all difficult conditions that put your car to the test every day! A large number of external parameters can significantly accelerate the general wear and tear of your vehicle.

Here are a few remedies and precautions to take to preserve it for as long as possible.

1. Salt: enemy number one

Salt accelerates the effect of corrosion and degrades everything metallic; in other words, almost all the parts of your car! 

Especially in winter, spreading salt on the roads to thaw the pavement causes the residues to be thrown up when you drive. So remember to wash the underside of your vehicle regularly to preserve your bodywork. If you live or are on vacation by the sea: extra precaution! Salt air is just as devastating.

Note: use high-pressure cleaning rather than brush rollers. However, a simple wash is sufficient. No need to spend too much money and opt for a full program!

2. Beware of sand

Sand is also harmful to your car. It gets everywhere! Door hinges, window rails, seat slides… All moving parts suffer from this intruder that should be removed as regularly as possible because it can cause a blockage or mechanical failure (for example, on an electrically adjustable seat).

The vacuum cleaner will be your best ally. Equipped with a fine, flat nozzle, it will be perfect for removing grains of sand, even in hard-to-reach places. Repeat this operation frequently!

Important: if you plan to go to the beach, remember not to grease any part of the vehicle that could be in contact with sand! This will form a kind of sticky paste that is difficult to remove afterwards.

3. Water: the masked enemy

Difficult to avoid it… But to prevent corrosion and oxidation as much as possible, water should never remain too long, stagnant, on a bodywork. So, when your vehicle is wet, leave it out in the open a little before taking it to the garage. It will dry faster! And if you leave the car wash, remember to apply three or four short, hard brake strokes. They will flush out any water left in the brake system.

Temperature variations are also harmful; they are sometimes brutal and generate condensation. It is essential to shelter your car daily! When it is protected in a secure place, your vehicle will be damaged less quickly. This is a recurring argument that salespeople put forward when reselling a car. But beware: if it has to be immobilized for a long time in the garage, remember to leave the windows half-open… The air will circulate freely and prevent moisture from settling inside. This will prevent mould and foul odours!

Good to know: by declaring your insurance company that your car sleeps in a closed box or garage, you will reduce your premium.

4. Avoid sidewalks!

They are often high, and their edges can be sharp. In the city, sidewalks should be approached with the utmost gentleness!

When you make a niche and avoid damaging and risking shearing the tire: you must approach the sidewalk from the front and prevent the tire from rubbing parallel. You can use the right rear view mirror (passenger side), by lowering it, to check that the rear tire does not touch the curb.

Please note: More and more vehicles are equipped with rear-view radars. It is convenient for parking; unfortunately, they do not inform the driver of the distance between the curb and the tire because, being placed in the bumpers, they are too high … So stay alert! 

5. Beware of the sun!

It tarnishes the paint, weakens the bodywork, hardens the joints and quickly raises the temperature inside the passenger compartment… Flee the sun and choose to park in the shade as much as possible.

If your vehicle stays in the sun for a long time, don’t hesitate to cover it with a tarpaulin. But be careful, it must be dry. Moisture or standing water under a tarpaulin will aggravate the harmful action of the sun!

Good to know: Special tarpaulins are available, depending on the vehicle model. If you don’t have a garage, this can be a wise investment. You can expect to pay about 80 dollars for a high-quality tarpaulin. 

Nature is often rough with your car. Following these tips will help you to protect it from external aggressions and keep it longer. And, remember, it is always easier to prevent than to cure! To go further in prevention, here’s what you need to know about car maintenance:

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