Is It Worth Getting Paint Protection for Your Car

– Why a vehicle needs bodywork protection
– The use of a protective film as a preventive treatment
– A simple application: instructions for use

Protecting bodywork helps to prevent various types of damage.
The repair of a vehicle’s bodywork may be necessary in various cases: body scratches, body dent removal, body protection, etc.

Why a vehicle needs bodywork protection

There are body protection systems that are extremely easy to use:
– Adhesive protective strips can be applied to the side parts as well as to the front and rear bumper of the vehicle,
– Protective strip used as a stop when opening a door against an obstacle.

These accessories make it possible to:
– protect:
◦ the bodywork,
◦ plastic elements (shields, mirror blocks, etc.),
◦ optics,
– preserve the original colour and shine,
– facilitate the maintenance of the bodywork.

Protective film as a preventive treatment

The protective film is used to protect the bodywork against all kind of aggression: UV rays, insects, resin, humidity, pollution, traces of impact, etc.

Protection for doors, boot, lights, etc.

The protective film is an essential accessory for:
– doors and door handles,
– the rocker panel, the roof, the bumper,
– the trunk,
– optics,
– the bonnet, wings, etc.

It prevents, for example:
– the appearance of scratches on the bodywork,
– the formation of marks due to impacts,
– resin deposit resistant to various cleaning means.

Properties of protective film

The reason why this film is so compelling is that it has interesting properties:
– elasticity: adapts to all bodywork surfaces,
– adhesion: ensures a perfect hold without the need for glue,
– maintains the original aspect of the bodywork: can be removed without leaving any visible trace on the bodywork.

Simple application: instructions for use

These are the tools you will need:
– a cutter: to cut the film cleanly to the desired dimensions,
– a rubber scraper: to avoid air bubbles during application,
– a sprayer: to wet the film to ensure perfect contact between the film and the squeegee.

To apply a protective film on the body of a car, simply:
– Cut the film to the desired dimensions,
– apply the film carefully to the surface to be filmed,
– to spray water on the protective film,
– to scrape with the squeegee,
– remove the excess film with a cutter by inserting support between the extra film and the bodywork: this precaution prevents the bodywork from being scratched with the cutter blade.

However, not everybody will successfully apply the protective film like a professional because it requires skills. For instance, some people may end up with air bubbles between the film and the bodywork. At this point, it becomes useless to try to remove the film and refit it as the film will tear off while being removed. If carelessly removed, it may also leave dirty scratches which will in the end waste both your time and money.

Where can you find a professional in Altona North?

To have body protection applied, you can call Best Deal Tinting. They have skilled installers leveraging their technical skills and cutting-edge technology to preserve the showroom quality of your vehicle. They use specially formulated urethane film that shields the colour and design lines of your car from scratches to stains. The transparent film is virtually indistinguishable from the original finish when applied correctly. Unlike wax, the film does not need any special maintenance to keep it looking nice!

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