What’s the Point of Vehicle Signage?

Do you want to personalise your car or give your ageing bodywork a new look and take advantage of the opportunity to hide its defects? For this, there are a multitude of vehicle signage on the market. In this choice, you will inevitably find the shape, colour and theme that interests you. Follow the guide!

What’s the point of vehicle signage?

Vehicle signage is related to various needs:
– They allow to save the aesthetics of a vehicle with past painting;
– They personalise your car;
– They can also provide information (advertising stickers, information board, such as “baby on board”);
– for a modest price, they replace paintwork, which is much more expensive.
But their main disadvantage is related to the installation and removal of the signage on the vehicle, which is not always very easy.

Vehicle signage: installation tips

The surface must be prepared (cleaning, degreasing) beforehand, and the installation itself is delicate and requires a certain amount of dexterity: in fact, the signage is composed of a support strip to be removed first (it uncovers the adhesive part).
It must be applied at the right place (using a marker placed on the bodywork beforehand) and remove any bubbles with a squeegee. Finally, you have to remove the film holding the patterns together (transfer film).
Be careful not to peel the paint off the body by removing the film.
Often, if the sticker has been applied for a long time, its removal will leave a contrast with the surface that will have remained in the open air. In this case, the solution is to polish the vehicle.
Tip: Use a hairdryer and a microfiber cloth, as well as methylated spirits to remove the patterns. Or, you can use clean cooking oil; spread generously on the area to be treated. Allow sitting for 10 minutes. Then, rub with a microfiber towel.

Vehicle signage: how to choose it?

It is very easy to choose; CRG Designs provides immaculate vehicle signage, vehicle wrap, customised designs, and also boat wraps and helmet wraps.

Different categories of signage

– Self-adhesive badges or emblems: these are stickers that can be embossed with a chrome effect. They look like the original logos on the radiator grills or hoods;
– Borders: these are thin strips to be stuck on, coloured or chromed, which refine the silhouette of your vehicle;
– Wide stripes: white, coloured or checkered, single or double, they give a more aggressive line to your vehicle (for example, the double stripes of the “Gordini” style);
– Sun visor stripes: designed to be placed at the top of the windshield, they have the double advantage of protecting your eyes from the sun and personalising your vehicle;
– Sticker sheets: these are patterns scattered all over the vehicle’s surface (flowers, bubbles, spots, stars, butterflies, etc.);
– Stickers in rolls: they allow you to cover a large surface area of the bodywork to give a carbon fibre effect, matt black, or other.
Note: this list is not exhaustive, as there are so many and varied proposals, not to mention the themes that can be personalised on request.

Points of sale and prices

The possible suppliers are numerous, and most of the time you will find the theme you are looking for:
– websites, where you’re sure to have the most choice;
– car accessories with the advantage of a real interlocutor;
– specialists in advertising markings, who can also apply your adhesives.
The cost price of the stickers is very variable according to the motives, their size, the theme you want (personification is more expensive). It varies from a small basic decoration up to a complete personification of the bodywork.
To know more about it:
– The advertising marking of a vehicle is an excellent support of advertising communication, which makes it possible to represent your company.
– Personalising your license plate is tempting. But, before you start, beware because not everything is allowed. Know the rules for personalising your vehicle license plate.
– Retouching body paint requires careful preparation. The experts at CRG Designs will tell you what to do.

Hope the above helps you out. Remember to leave your comments in the section below!

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