What Does Car Towing Involve

Despite all the practical maintenance tips you have read earlier, you find yourself stranded, immobilised on the side of the road. There is only one solution left: get a tow truck to tow your car to a mechanic.

Here are some clarifications on how to tow your vehicle, depending on the situations that may arise, because a breakdown on the highway or secondary road leads to different procedures.

Roadside Assistance and Towing on Highways and Expressways

Breakdowns on these types of roads are highly regulated, and towing companies must have the approval of the public authorities to intervene.

As your vehicle is parked on the emergency lane, you are obliged to call from a telephone terminal on the motorway (the orange terminals).

When you contact the towing service, you must indicate your precise position, the direction of traffic, the cause of your immobilisation and the description of your vehicle. A breakdown vehicle is then sent to you, and several scenarios are then possible:

– Repair of your car on site: in principle, the repair should be very short (≤ 30 minutes). It is done under the responsibility of the mechanic.

– Towing your vehicle on a platform to a service area: the repairman considers the intervention on site too dangerous and drops your car off at a service area. As with on-site service, the repair can be completed in a maximum of 30 minutes, and the basic cost is generally the same. It may, however, be increased by the price of the parts and the additional repair time.

Towing your vehicle on a platform to a garage: the basic rate will be the same and may be increased by the cost of parts and additional repair time.

– Repairs and towing on other traffic lanes: the difference is mainly the lack of a framework for unregulated towing rates.

Here are some tips:

– Ask the tow towing service for the rates and conditions applied.

– As on the motorway, use the breakdown assistance of your insurance company, which will offer you its approved breakdown service providers. Chances are towing service is already included in the premium you paid for your car insurance.

Note: On the other hand, if you want the repair to be carried out by your usual garage, you can expressly request it, even if your insurance does not cover it.

In some urbanised regions, some towers on the lookout may offer you a breakdown service at a rate that defies all competition. These are impostors and scammers who do not work within any legal framework. Convenience stores are subject to strict regulations by the regional departments of the environment concerning, in particular, their towing vehicles. They must hold a professional certificate to attest to their quality.

Good to know: unlike motorway repairs, it is not mandatory to systematically call on a professional, and you can repair your vehicle by your own means, as long as your car does not obstruct the public road.

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The Typical Profile of the Towing Service

If the comparison may seem daring, a tow service has a lot in common with first aid. Indeed, in the event of a breakdown or accident, the tow truck must:

– Make an early diagnosis of the type of breakdown by telephone, to select the appropriate breakdown vehicle (car carrier, breakdown van, etc.), prepare the appropriate tools and spare parts to carry out the breakdown.

– Mark out the premises and secure the occupants.

– On-site, assess the causes of the failure and decide whether to repair or tow the vehicle on site.

– After towing or troubleshooting in his workshop or any other place designated by the customer, proceed to the establishment of the repair order for the invoicing service.

The Skills of the Repairman

Coming from various branches that have given him a good foundation in automotive mechanics, the efficiency of the tow truck repairer will mainly be revealed in the field, where the following qualities will be necessary:

– autonomy; analytical skills allowing him to make quick decisions;

– theoretical knowledge to control electrical and electronic failures in modern cars;

– rigour and method for the diagnosis, but also for the carrying out of towing and safety operations for the customer;

– sense of contact and psychology for the client’s questioning and comfort.

Note: Aside from towing services, ATLAS Towing & Auto can also repair your vehicle in their fully equipped and professional garage.

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