Car Maintenance

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and well-maintained at all time! Regular maintenance is key to keeping it in the best possible condition. To ensure your car is safe to drive and prevent a breakdown, you have to bring it to a professional. However, this does not mean that that you cannot maintain a few things yourself. All it requires is five minutes to carry out some simple checks every week before your car servicing.

Maintenance Check List – DIY

Here are some simple car checks that will make it easy for you to ensure your vehicle is safe on the road and the right side of the law:

1.      Fuel

You need to check that you have enough fuel in your tank for your journey. Many people tend to run out of fuel, especially in severe winter weather.

2.      Oil

You need to check the oil level of your vehicle. It should be between the minimum and maximum mark on your vehicle’s dipstick. If it is too low this can cause a breakdown, leading to disastrous engine damage. Moreover, you need to change the oil when required, take it to a professional if you are unsure about which type of oil to use.

3.      Tires and Wiper Blades

You need to check your tires and wiper blades regularly for:

·        General wear and tear

·        Splits and more

For your tires, always ensure it has the correct pressure. Also, examine your wiper blades as they do not last forever and need replacing due to splits and cracks.

4.      Coolant

Check your vehicle’s coolant level because you do not want a frozen engine or your vehicle to overheat.

5.      Electrics

There are many electrics in your cars, such as the headlights and the fog lights to your battery. You need to check all of them regularly. You can walk around the car to check that all the lights are working. Moreover, you should check your battery, making sure the terminals are clean and tight. You should also make sure the engine starts correctly. If it does not start correctly, you must get it checked out at a garage.

When you get your battery tested by a professional, they will check the starting and charging system, ensuring nothing is draining your battery.

6.      Screenwash

You need to check the screen wash level in the tank of your vehicle, topping it up if need be. Screenwash is important all year round.

7.      Engine air filter

A faulty or clogged-up air filter could reduce your fuel efficiency and lead to reduced engine power, which is why mechanics recommend getting it replaced every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

If you think your filter needs checking or replacing, you should bring it to a professional.

8.      Spark plug (petrol engines only)

More of a replacement than a check, but spark plugs are integral to the running of your engine – one or more faulty plugs will cause an engine misfire so it’s worth knowing how to replace them.

9.      Brakes

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of properly-functioning brakes, so keeping them maintained is essential. Start by checking the brake fluid level and if low, top it up to get a professional to take a look at it. Moreover, brake fluid should be changed at certain mileage intervals.

10. Air conditioning

Whether it is hot or cold, your aircon unit must be fully functioning. However, apart from visual checks of the pipework, there is nothing else you can check on your own.

Aircon system servicing must be carried out by a professional with the correct equipment.

Professional Car Maintenance

Carrying out these simple car checks will enable your car to stay on the road without any problem. However, maintenance by professionals is recommended at least twice in a year because of they able to identify issues before they become a problem!

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