How to Repair Your Plip Remote Control

How to Repair Your Plip Remote Control


What is a plip remote control?

plip remote control repair: solving common faults

plip remote control repair: resynchronization

Pairing (or reprogramming) the Plip remote control

Occasionally, the plip remote control in your car may fail. If the symptoms are very quickly identifiable (no door opening), the causes immediately put you in suspense. It must also be admitted that many automotive professionals are more comfortable with mechanical breakdowns than with “electronic” malfunctions. What are the plip remote control repair methods to do in case of a breakdown?

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What Is a Plip Remote Control?

The plip remote control is integrated into the ignition key or hands-free card; its main function is to operate (open-close) the doors (doors, trunk, etc.).

As technology has evolved, the remote control has been equipped with various additional functions:

  • Unlocking alarms;
  • Remote wake-up of the vehicle’s electronic boxes;
  • Activation of other remote comfort functions (windows, trunk, lighting, etc.);
  • Even remote starting of the vehicle.

Plip Remote Control Repair: Solving Common Faults

How to Repair Your Plip Remote Control

Detecting the Cause of the Fault

As a user, a few simple checks can help you solve even the simplest malfunctions and thus avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime and repair costs.

You should have a working spare remote control: this simple precaution can help you quickly. It will also help you determine the cause of the breakdown, as it may be the remote control or another system component (module, vehicle power supply, etc.).

Many vehicles display a message on the dashboard: “battery low or needs replacing”. If the origin of the failure is the remote control, a simple operation is to check the internal battery of the remote control. To confirm your verdict, you can also test the battery with a multimeter in voltmeter mode connected to each side (+ and -).

Replacing the Internal Battery

To change the remote’s internal battery, proceed as follows:

After unclipping the case, you can access a small battery of type CR1220, CR1616, CR1620, CR2032, etc.

The replacement is easy as long as you respect the mounting direction.

The cost of the operation, performed by you, is equivalent to the purchase of the battery (from $5 to $12).

Recommendations: unclipping a remote control box can be a delicate operation that, if not done properly, can damage it; for this, an internet search based on your vehicle model is often positive and will give you the exact procedure to follow (tutorials or videos).

Replacing the Remote Control Box

The remote control box is exposed to repeated use, which eventually damages or breaks it. You can buy a shell for each model on the internet (between $8 and $25) and replace it easily by transferring the onboard electronics (don’t forget the transponder. Otherwise, it won’t start).

Repairing a Plip Remote Control: Resynchronization

When to resynchronize the plip remote control?

It may be necessary after a battery replacement or repeated handling of the remote control out of range of the vehicle.

The operating principle of the remote control is based on a system of evolving coded signals: each time the remote control is operated, a different radio signal is renewed and recognized by the receiver in the vehicle (a predefined algorithm system allows this recognition).

On the other hand, successive signal transmissions out of the range of the receiver can create a shift and a misunderstanding between the transmitter and receiver. Resynchronization is then necessary.

How Do I Resynchronize the Plip Remote Control?

Like many reset procedures, it is often simple but specific to each manufacturer, so it is not necessarily accessible to the general public.

Here are two examples of resetting, but without specifically mentioning any brand or model:

Make several successive manipulations (5 openings and closings) of the hands-free card to reset.

Turn the ignition on and press the “central locking” command on the remote control for several seconds. Then, turn the ignition off and remove the key.

Good to know: in this last case, the operation can be free of charge and carried out by yourself, or with minimal impact if you entrust it to a professional (you will often benefit from a commercial gesture that makes this generally simple) time-saving procedure free of charge).

Pairing (Or Reprogramming) The Plip Remote Control

Pairing is the most complex operation. It allows the vehicle’s dedicated electronic system to recognize the key. This reprogramming method is necessary to replace the remote and electronic control units (BSI, UCH, etc.).

It can only be carried out by a manufacturer’s reprogramming tool (rarely by a multi-brand tool), as it requires access to confidential identification data. Depending on the manufacturer, it will also be necessary to have a PIN code given when the new vehicle is purchased, a test key intended exclusively for reprogramming, and proof of vehicle ownership (registration certificate).

For this operation, your privileged interlocutor will therefore be the brand dealer. This exclusive character will cost around $100 but can be much more expensive, depending on the brand.

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