How To Choose The Right Car Dealer?

When buying a car, in addition to choosing the right model, you also have to choose the right dealer. You should know that the automobile market is made up of different distribution networks, each of which has organized devices. It is a real organization that revolves around manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and numerous distributors and dealers. In this case, to find out where to buy your car, read this article.

Manufacturer dealers

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The manufacturer dealer is, in a way, a subsidiary or a branch of the car manufacturer. In other words, these are commercial establishments that have been created in order to be able to better develop its brand, as well as the different car models. It should be noted that there is no more specialist in its brand than the car manufacturer itself. Thus, the manufacturer dealer is responsible for the sale and maintenance of the vehicles.

The particularity of this dealer lies in the fact that by opting for him for the purchase of your car, you will have the assurance of having made the right choice, and you will benefit from good guarantees. However, you should know that because this dealership is very reliable, it is also very tough in business. Whatever your needs, you will need to have some sense of negotiation. As a result, you will be able to benefit from an advantageous offer.

Car dealers

This is a market reserved for B2B sales. In other words, auto dealers relate to sales of vehicles between companies or dealerships. The market is, therefore, not accessible to individuals. Companies resort to car dealers when there is a large enough stock of vehicles at different dealerships. These are stocks that the company no longer wishes to dispose of.

This can be caused by too low a market value or too much mileage driving down sales. In this case, the car dealer negotiates with the dealer for the purpose of repurchasing the vehicles concerned. Considered undesirable, these vehicles are, however, not scrapped; car dealers offer them to other consumers or proceed to their renovation to make them functional again. It should be noted that car dealers work independently and set their own margins and profit, based on their estimates.

Automotive Agents

They are intermediaries between an individual who wishes to buy a car and the sellers. They act on behalf of the individual and establish the criteria corresponding to the needs of their client. The car agent goes in search of the corresponding vehicle from the many distributors. He takes care of all the negotiations to obtain a better price during the transaction.

He can also turn to vehicle importation to be able to broaden his search field. This can help you save up to 30% on the purchase of the vehicle. As a result, he guarantees satisfaction for the individual he represents while having a profit margin on the sale.

The brand agents

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They are self-employed and act as dealers to market vehicles, but also to provide after-sales service to customers and maintenance.

Service officers

These are the agents who provide the various modalities of after-sales service, servicing, and maintenance of cars linked to the dealer’s brand.

Commercial agents

They act on behalf of a dealer for the purpose of selling a vehicle. They are, in a way, intermediaries between the customer and the final seller.

Reseller agents

They buy the vehicle directly from the dealership and resell it to consumers. They set their own margin and own the inventory of cars they have built up.


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During the auction, you can acquire a vehicle at a considerable discount. The origin of the vehicles is, however, very varied. These may be vehicles that have been seized following a court order, cars belonging to a company that has gone into liquidation, or rental cars. This type of distribution does not offer you the same guarantees as the others mentioned above, although the auction remains an interesting option for buying a vehicle at a very competitive price.

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