Top 3 Tips To Take Care of Your Car

Caring for your car on a daily basis will keep it in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. While some major maintenance requires a trip to the workshop, a few regular and easy checks will extend the life of your car while saving you money, sometimes considerably. Whether it’s a saloon, estate or convertible- whatever your car model, the things you need to have checked for safety on the road are the same. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about taking care of your car.

1. Polishing the car’s bodywork


Polishing is a technique for renovating the appearance of a car’s body. It helps to correct defects such as dull colour and small scratches. Polishing is something that should only be done when you notice imperfections in the vehicle’s bodywork. These imperfections can be caused by things such as dust, dirt, grease and grit. If left untreated, these can create rust spots on the bodywork. The acidity of certain insects and bird droppings can also eat away at the vehicle’s paintwork.

The frequency of polishing will vary depending on the environment in which the car is normally used. For example, a car that is used to driving on urban roads will tend to keep its bodywork in good condition. Cars that use rural tracks are more exposed to the degrading elements mentioned above. Another point to consider is the maintenance of the vehicle. Cars that are not washed regularly tend to develop surface imperfections. However, polishing is something that should be done as little as possible.

To polish, you will need an abrasive element. This will be used to remove the surface layer of paint to remove small scratches. Another important element is polishing paste. You have two options for applying this to your car body: by hand or with a machine.

The first option is to work on the paint finish without the aid of a polishing machine by moving the applicator manually. As well as allowing you to touch the smallest areas, hand polishing offers greater control over the work. The second is done with a device called a polisher. This option offers a wider radius of action and better speed of execution. You will also need the following equipment:

  • A car wash glove
  • A sponge
  • A chamois leather
  • Squeegee
  • Wax
  • A bucket and water.

We advise you to polish the vehicle in addition to the polishing. This will restore the original shine to the bodywork.

2. Clean the interior regularly

You should not only focus on the exterior of the car. Regular cleaning of the interior of the car is also part of car maintenance. This allows passengers to enjoy their journeys more. You do not necessarily need a professional to clean the interior of the car. A minimum of equipment is needed to carry out this task. You should vacuum the car once a month and thoroughly clean the interior every 6 months. Here are the tasks you need to do for a thorough cleaning:

  • Vacuum the seats and floor to remove dust
  • Clean all textiles in the vehicle. This means that you should take care of the carpet, upholstery, covers, etc.
  • Make sure the dashboard is clean too
  • Clean the side windows, windscreen and rear window of the car from the inside.

Also, remember to air the car regularly.

3. Always park the car out of the weather


Prolonged exposure to the weather is bad for the car. It can accelerate the corrosion of the bodywork. In addition, a car is not completely waterproof, and such exposure can lead to breakdowns in the vehicle’s electrical systems. Therefore, do not hesitate to park your car in the garage. If you do not have a garage, buy a tarpaulin to protect the car from sun, rain and snow. This is a cover made of waterproof and breathable materials. For optimum protection, the cover should fit the size of the car.

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