Everything You Need To Know About Light Signals On Vehicles

The road system is governed by several codes. Their knowledge is necessary for a good application. This promotes the prevention of the safety of goods and especially people on the road. Among the principles of the Highway Code, there are signal lights. They are very useful in times of low visibility or at nightfall. Here is all the information on the light signaling useful for the complete protection of users.

The protective function of light signals

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The set of devices emitting a light effect on or near a vehicle is called light signals. There are several types that can be incorporated into the vehicle or as accessories that can act near the danger zone.

The safety of people and property

The safety of new or used vehicles, property, and all road users may depend on the actuation of headlight sets or the correct positioning of signaling accessories. Their implementation is specific to specific road events. This may be repair work involving the presence of workers on the track, an accident, an incident requiring the intervention of the care services, or an unexpected vehicle breakdown that surprises you in the heart of the road.

They are also useful in the event of a failure of a component of the road that could cause accidents. Their presence indicates the possibility of potential danger and calls for the vigilance of practitioners of this path. It must therefore be understood that the primary function of light signals is to preserve the safety integrity of all road users. These are pedestrians, vehicle passengers, property, and creep or rescue responders.

The safety of professionals

Professionals are among the people most exposed to danger because they are very often obliged to intervene in the heart of the road and, most of the time, in the insecure zone. Among their first choice equipment are light signaling accessories. This is essential and mandatory to operate.

For example, rapid intervention health personnel in ambulances have adapted vehicles equipped with fluorescent strips and revolving lights. These accessories come in addition to the classic signaling lights signaling a case of distress. All these light tools inform passers-by of the danger and thus ensure the safety of professionals.

Types of light signaling equipment

Nowadays, signal lights are almost all LED. There are several types of lighting fixtures or devices that can be used to alert passers-by to the possibility of a potential hazard. They are available as vehicle components or accessories that must be placed at strategic points on the road.

  • The hazard warning lights: these are the first conventional lights for signaling a breakdown on a vehicle. They are incorporated into the rear and front lights and warn by simultaneous and rhythmic flashing.
  • Penetration lights: they are very often available on emergency vehicles and increase their visibility.
  • Flashing lights: these are luminous accessories that rapid intervention vehicles, ambulances, or professional vehicles use to alert users. They attach or land on vehicles.
  • Reflective tape: it’s just adhesive tape that sticks to the car or truck with a reflective effect. They are very often found in a combination of white and orange or green.
  • The triangle of any tri flash: it is an accessory widely used on the road. It is almost mandatory to have some in your trunk when you are a driver.

Final thoughts

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Light signals are devices intended to warn any driver of an imminent danger situation. It allows precautions to be taken through greater vigilance. It is mandatory to have it in case of disruptions to the integrity of the road. To avoid certain accidents, request the services of a specialized garage.

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