Top 5 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Tyres

Car maintenance requires planning a large budget. It can be tempting to save money by pushing the wear limits of your tyres instead of replacing them. Worn tyres cost much more on your car budget and increase the risk of accidents. There are also maintenance tips to reduce the cost of replacing your tyres as much as possible. In this article, we lists 5 tips for saving money on tyre maintenance and replacement.

1. Inflate your tyres regularly


To extend the life of your tyres, we advise you to inflate your tyres every two to three months to the pressure indicated on the label stuck on the inside of the passenger door of your car. Contrary to popular belief, tyre rubber wears out much faster when under-inflated, by about 15%. And that’s not all! An under-inflated tyre has a larger surface area to grip than a tyre inflated to its recommended pressure, resulting in higher fuel consumption. To check your tyre pressure simply and save money and time on tyre maintenance, get a portable air compressor.

2. Take care of your driving style: drive smoothly

The driving style you adopt on the road profoundly affects the durability of your car’s auto parts. Your car’s tyres are no exception to this rule! So to ensure your safety on the road and to limit your car’s maintenance costs, choose a smoother driving style by accelerating less abruptly. Hard acceleration and deceleration uses more fuel than if you were driving at a constant speed. The same applies to bends in the road taken too sharply.

If you have to drive on snowy roads, remember to fit your wheels with winter tyres, which have become compulsory under the provisions of Mountain Law II, which will come into force on 1 November 2021. If you drive fast, your tyres will heat up more quickly, which will lead to premature wear. By riding at a regular pace, you will avoid premature wear of your entire braking system and of the parts inside your engine block.

3. Choose branded tyres rather than entry-level tyres.


Buying entry-level tyres are usually the first thing you think of when you want to cut your car budget. In reality, choosing to save money on low-cost tyres comes at the expense of tyre quality and durability. These entry-level tyres have a shorter lifespan than tyres from major brands. On the other hand, because they are of lower quality, you are taking undue risks on the road.

4. Wait for the sales to change your tyres.

To get a good deal on your car, wait for the sales! This is an excellent way to limit the financial impact of a tyre buy-back on your car budget. Contact your garage or visit specialized websites to find low-cost, high-quality tyres.

By visiting a professional, you even can benefit from occasional discounts on a large catalogue of top-brand tyres of high quality. Don’t put off replacing a worn pair of tyres by following this advice; we can’t stress this enough, but your safety on the road depends on it.

5. Slow puncture, nail, small crack?


Although it is not the credo of the major tyre brands, a tyre that has been torn or punctured by a nail or glass can be sealed rather than replaced if the crack is no deeper than 6mm. A tyre can be professionally treaded, and has the advantage of repairing a tyre rather than replacing a pair of tyres on a car.

It is a little-known alternative which can limit the maintenance costs of your car budget. However, even if your tyre is mended to repair a slow puncture, for example, it is important to consider the tyre as weakened by this repair. You should be careful when servicing your tyres.

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