How to Build a Carport Yourself?

If you decide to build a carport for your car in the country, building a full-fledged garage is not at all necessary. A simple carport is fine, which you can always build with your own hands. This article will explain how to make a carport and what materials to provide.

An open car is a bad idea

The influence of the environment on technology can not be underestimated. Of course, your car will not become unusable in just one month. However, from day to day, its components will deteriorate a little.

Such external factors will affect the car negatively:

raindrops will surely fall after some time where a rust center forms ;
hail is more likely to leave marks on the hood or roof;
dust gradually fills in all the cracks, hollows around the perimeter of the glass, around the frames of the mirrors and headlights, which will worsen the condition of the car on the outside;
the paint on the upholstery of the seats will fade due to the sun’s rays in summer;
the performance of your car’s tires will decrease.
An adequately erected metal carport with your own hands can protect your car from the sun, provide sufficient ventilation and protect it from leaves and other debris.
There are also enclosed carports that are similar to garages.

Materials needed to build the carport

The structure of the carport includes a frame and a roof. The frame is considered a more critical element.
For the manufacture of the frame, you can use the following materials:

The tree

It is easy to handle, and you do not need to buy special tools to cut and connect the knots. The disadvantage of wood is its fragility because it starts to crack after a while, and eventually, it will fall apart. Fungi can grow on it. All this requires constant and careful care of the finished canopy.

The steel profile tube

You will need to purchase a welding machine. A carport made of this material will last a very long time. The disadvantage is that building curvilinear trusses and installing large sheds will be necessary because a flat roof in winter can collapse due to heavy snowfall.

Combination of materials

In this case, the steel frame is sheathed with a wooden batten. This method is considered to be the right balance between durability and aesthetics.

The realization itself

The roof used to manufacture carports can be made of polycarbonate honeycomb or profiled sheet metal. In the first case, the carport will be more pleasant and airy. However, in areas where heavy hail is common, it is strongly recommended to buy more expensive polycarbonate varieties, equipped with a special protective film. A polycarbonate carport roof has a longer lifespan than one constructed of profiled sheet metal.

The construction of any building begins with the development of a design. Depending on the size of your car, you must determine the length and width of your awning. Mark the points of attachment of the supports, and make sure that they do not interfere with the car’s parking, as well as the opening and closing of the doors. Take into account that the roof will protrude from the supports by about 0.5 to 1 meter.
Make a drawing of the building with a side and top view, and calculate the material needed to erect it. After that, add about 10% to the finished figure, so that you do not have to suspend all the work and waste time buying materials.

The use of a professional

If you miss some elements in the construction or realization, you can always call a professional in construction and renovation.

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