Road Accident: All Our Advice To Avoid It

Traffic accidents have become more and more frequent in recent years. There are mistakes to avoid and precautionary measures to take to reduce them. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to avoid road accidents.

Respect the rules of the road


In order to guarantee the safety of the driver and passengers during the trip, it is imperative to respect the rules of the road. This applies not only to motorists but to all other road users as well, such as pedestrians. Although the traffic regulations cannot insure everyone, the fact of not respecting them increases the risk of accidents even more. The most common tickets are:

    • Using a phone while driving
    • Abusive and annoying parking
    • Speeding
    • Ignoring or refusing to give way
    • Failure to use user equipment, such as seat belts.

Ban the use of cell phones while driving

To prevent the risk of road accidents, it is imperative to avoid all kinds of distractions, such as using a mobile phone while driving. The problem is that if the driver uses his cell phone while driving and does not make an accident, he thinks that he is not putting his life and the life of others in danger. Indeed, it will be a serious fault and a very big risk that can cost the life of the driver and the passengers.

Why is using a phone while driving risky?

For your information, more than half of the driver’s information and reflexes are lost during the use of a cell phone while driving. For example, you don’t realize you’ve missed the highway exit until you’ve driven several miles. In addition, the brain cannot analyze and do several things at the same time. This means that driving requires concentration… so ban cell phones while driving.

What about Bluetooth systems?


Many road users think that Bluetooth systems are the ideal and safe solution. However, if the driver is in the middle of a phone conversation while driving, he will not reduce his speed or limit his call’s duration. As a result, their alertness will be reduced. He will not be able to deal with an obstacle.

Always be alert while driving.

All motorists, motorcyclists, and cyclists must adopt certain behaviors in all situations. Above all, they must be very vigilant:

    • At night
    • In snow and heavy rain
    • In very heavy traffic
    • And especially on the highway

Avoiding drowsiness and fatigue

Most traffic accidents are caused by driver drowsiness or fatigue. To avoid the risks, stopping at least every 2 hours of driving is advisable. This is especially important when driving at night or on the highway. It is also important to avoid driving a car after taking medication or consuming alcohol.

Avoid accidents at junctions and traffic circles.

Traffic circles and traffic circles are the main points where traffic accidents are most frequent. The first thing to do is to drive in the direction you want and stay in the lane leading to it. It is also very important to scrupulously follow the road signs: priority, direction, indication, prescription, restriction, milestone, obligation, danger warning, etc.

Protect: the first thing to do in the event of a road accident


If you’re the first to arrive, the first thing you should do in the event of a road accident is to stop. Don’t pile up. This could lead to an over-accident if you are followed. Pull over to the side of the road 150 meters from the accident to facilitate access for emergency personnel and turn on the hazard lights.

If the accident occurs at night, light the accident vehicle perpendicularly so as not to dazzle other road users. Before getting out of your car, put on the yellow fluorescent vest that must be in your vehicle in order to be more visible, and mark the scene with the warning triangle 30 meters before the accident to warn other motorists.

If the injured condition allows it, take all the people out of the accident vehicle(s) and put them in a safe place on the side of the road or behind the safety barrier if the accident occurs on the highway. Turn off the ignition and make sure no one is smoking at the scene of the accident to avoid a fire.

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