Retaking Your B License In France: What To Do?

In today’s world, a driver’s license is a major asset for your profile. In other words, the permit is synonymous with mobility, freedom, and autonomy. As a citizen, you must always be vigilant and adopt responsible behavior. You must be punctual and independent of public transportation as a worker or student.

However, the annual pass rate for the permit is still unsatisfactory, as it varies between 40 and 70%, depending on each department. In addition to failure, other situations require a retest. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about some of the appropriate steps and methods to take when redoing your B license in France.

In case of failure


After having failed your first attempt, don’t be discouraged too quickly because many people retake their licenses. If you wish to apply as an independent candidate, you have a waiting period of about 3 to 4 months to retake your driver’s license. Register by applying to your departmental licensing office right after the results are in. Please note that as an unlicensed applicant, you must be accompanied by a person who has held a license for at least 5 years and present yourself with a dual control car.

On the other hand, if you wish to go to a classic driving school, such as Auto-école Oxybel in Le Moule, your waiting time is variable, as it depends on its allocation, according to the places available. In other words, each driving school receives a limited number of places for the exam, depending on different parameters, such as its annual success rate.

During the waiting period, motivate yourself while preparing. But first of all, analyze your previous class hours and your performance on the exam. Identify your weak points, work on them and make efforts to improve. For example, most candidates have difficulty with hill starts and parking maneuvers, which require more practice.

To do this with ease, go back to class with your instructor. Talk to your instructor, sharing the reasons for your failure, the shortcomings, and the various obstacles that prevent you from succeeding. He or she is in the best position to advise and correct you. It is also important to keep your concentration, manage your stress and control your fear. All this so that you can be in the best condition on the day of the exam.

In case of a judicial cancellation

A license cancellation is a withdrawal of the right to drive pronounced by the judge for a certain period of time, as a sanction, following the commission of a serious infraction of the highway code. To be able to drive again, the driver must retake his license.

The length of the driving ban varies according to the offense committed. For driving under the influence of narcotics, drunkenness, refusal to pass a blood alcohol or narcotics test, refusal to return the license after cancellation, and repeat offenses, the maximum duration of cancellation is 3 years. For driving causing involuntary manslaughter or aggravated injuries resulting in a total work incapacity of more than 3 months, the maximum duration of cancellation is 10 years. Failure to comply with this driving prohibition is punishable by 2 years imprisonment and a fine of 4,500 euros.

After the cancellation, take a medical examination and psycho-technical tests with an approved doctor. You can take the exams as a free candidate or as a driving school candidate, following the procedures mentioned above. The code test is always compulsory, while the driving test depends on how old your license is and how long you have had it canceled.

The code and driving must be retaken for licenses obtained less than 3 years ago. For licenses obtained more than 3 years ago, when the duration of the ban is more than 1 year, the code and the driving test must be retaken. But, only the code must be retaken when it is less than 1 year.

In case of invalidation

The invalidation of a license is the loss of all the points following the commission of an offense, resulting in the prohibition of driving. To be allowed to drive, register for the exam according to the previous rules, and pass a medical examination, including a psycho-technical test. Re-testing the code and driving is mandatory for licenses obtained less than 3 years ago; you must re-test at least the code beyond this period.

In case of suspension


The suspension is either administrative for medical reasons or judicial following an infraction (running a red light, dangerous overtaking, etc.) for a variable period. To get your license back, wait for the suspension period to expire, and go to the competent authority (prefecture or court) with the suspension certificate and a favorable medical opinion, including the psycho-technical tests.

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