How Much Does Boat Maintenance Cost?

Have you just bought a boat? Did you know that it requires special maintenance to keep running smoothly and in good condition? You can do it yourself or hire a professional. But before you do, find out how much it costs to maintain a boat.

The Price of Annual Boat Maintenance

The cost of annual boat maintenance is relatively expensive. It varies according to the size and condition of the boat. If you go to sea regularly, you should review the careening of your boat every year. For an antifouling, it is necessary to plan around 100 €. Since you have to take the boat out of the water, the cost is on average 300 €. You should also consider buying rollers. They cost about 50 €.

In the case of a sailboat, you should systematically check the seams and clean the sails. Checking the rigging and the forestay is also essential. For the installation of anti-UV tape, count between 25 and 30 € per meter. If you want to install a reefing band, the price is 250 €. For the sail overhaul, you should expect to pay between 400 and 1,000 €.

Winterizing the engine is the most complex operation if it is a boat with a gasoline or diesel engine. On average, for a classic winterization, count around 150 €. On the other hand, in the case of the inboard engine, it costs an average of 250 €.

If you do not use your boat during the winter, it is advisable to check all its functions before starting it up in the spring.

The Price of Winter Storage and Harbor Space

The price of the berth depends on the navigation area and the place where the boat is moored. In Le Havre, for example, it costs around 1 600 €. In Antibes, this cost can reach 3 500 €. Count between 150 and 300 € for a buoy.

For those who sail all year round, opting for an annual float is better. On the other hand, if you don’t use your boat regularly, opt for dry wintering or the onshore option with a launch package.

In short, boat maintenance covers many points: systematic engine check-ups, replacement of anodes, the overhaul of dinghies and life jackets as well as other safety equipment, battery replacement, and overhaul of bilge pumps and toilets.

The best way to avoid forgetting to maintain any part of the boat is to keep a logbook. You can keep track of everything from cleaning to major repairs. You can also contact a company specialized in boat maintenance . It can intervene on any type of boat and has the necessary material to maintain your boat well. Some companies can also take care of relifting, painting, replacement of parts, refurbishing or other types of boat maintenance.

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