Bodywork Repair for a Vehicle Reconditioning

Body repair is a way to restore the condition of a car. It is a crucial step when a vehicle is damaged or crashed. But what work is involved in body repair, and at what cost?


This is an essential step in the restoration of the bodywork. Filling consists of filling the holes in the body’s sheet metal and repairing the deformed plastic elements. Different types of putty are used depending on the surface to be covered: universal putty, metal putty, aluminum putty, finishing putty, etc.

The surface or part of the bodywork must be sanded, cleaned, and degreased before applying the layers of putty. This application is made with a putty knife.

The Dent Removal of the Bodywork

There are many causes of a dent in a vehicle: a minor accident on the road, small blows, stone projectiles, etc. The dent removal can be done by yourself. In this case, you will need tools and a body kit that includes: instructions, a gun and a stick of special glue, a straightening bridge, tips, and a liquid bottle. There are several steps to repair dents in the bodywork:

• applying the glue to the end cap with the glue gun, with a drying time of about 2 minutes;
• placing the end cap in the center of the dent, perpendicular to the surface of the sheet;
• adjusting the straightening bridge with a wheel (to be screwed);
• the fitting of the extractor on the head of the end cap;
• the rectification of the high point created by the use of the straightening bridge. It involves tightening and adjusting the sheet to bring it back to level.
These last three steps are difficult to perform and require technical knowledge. Therefore, call a body shop to do the work safely and according to regulations.

Car painting

Wear and tear or deformation of a car body is often caused by temperature variations and sunlight. As a result, the car’s paintwork can fade. It is then important to redo it.

To restore the aesthetics and ensure the protection of the bodywork, it is necessary to apply a suitable paint and use the appropriate equipment: sandpaper, sanding and filling block, a sander, a primer, an insulator, a body filler, a compressor, a degreaser, a primer or sealer, a spray gun, a finishing paint, a mask, and protective gloves, etc.

To paint the bodywork, apply 2 successive coats. Between the first and the second coat, you need at least 10 minutes of pause time. Before polishing with wax, let the paint dry for 24 hours.

Car paint is usually applied after the damaged body is removed.

The Price of Body Repair

The price of body repair varies depending on the services or operations performed and the materials used. Before starting the work, ask the body repairer for an estimate. In general, his services are charged per hour:

• for a routine operation: the rate is between 40 euros and 50 euros.
• for a complex operation: the cost varies from 45 euros to 60 euros;
• for a highly technical operation: the price ranges from 60 euros to 70 euros.
• for car painting, the rate varies between 2 000 euros and 4 000 euros.

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