Cracked Windshield: How To Repair It?

The windshield is a shield to protect the driver and passengers of a car. Strangely, it is also one of the most fragile elements of the vehicle. The slightest impact can cause a crack and require repair. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this article and learn some tips to repair your windshield.

Can we drive with a crack in the windshield?


The windshield protects the interior of your car. But it can be cracked by an impact or a projectile: in this case, the crack can impact your visibility, depending on its location on your windshield. The law, therefore, prohibits driving with a crack that is the width or height of the windshield or more than 30 cm. In case of control of the forces of order, you risk a fine of 4th class, which is a fine of 375 $.

Indeed, the Highway Code regulates the transparency of the car windshield. In case of a crack, the law considers this rule violated. Moreover, apart from legal considerations, driving with a crack on the windshield is simply dangerous since your visibility can be reduced. A crack in the windshield that is not taken care of in time can also have other serious consequences.

Finally, note that an impact or crack larger than a two-euro coin or in the driver’s field of vision will result in a failure at the technical inspection. In particular, the windshield can break. You will have to have the impact repaired or the windshield changed and then underwent a counter-inspection.

How does a windshield crack form?

Generally speaking, impacts are created when other vehicles throw stone chips on the road. For a windshield to be repairable, certain conditions must be met.

    • The impact must be smaller than a penny
    • The impact must not be in the driver’s line of sight
    • The impact must also not be less than 2 cm from the rain sensor
    • On your windshield, no more than 3 impacts can be counted.

Under the effect of temperature and shaking, the impact can easily grow and become a crack. You must therefore find a way to stop its progression. For this, it is recommended to contact a windshield specialist so that you do not have to replace the windshield.

How do I repair an impact on a car windshield?

To repair a windshield impact, there are many options available to you. You can stop a crack from the outside using a special drill and power file. However, this action will not be sufficient if the impact is located in the driver’s field of vision. There is a second method that is popular with Internet users. It is simple and natural.

To repair the impact, you need to cut a garlic clove in half lengthwise. You should then rub the flesh of the clove on the impact area. Using a clean, dry cloth, clean the excess garlic from the windshield. This method is very effective because garlic acts like a natural glue or resin. However, it is temporary, as it allows you to temporarily brake the crack.

It will get into the crack and strengthen it. However, it is important to remember that this method is only temporary. The permanent action of water and temperature on the windshield expands this natural glue. To make it durable, it must be repeated momentarily. In case the impact is more than 2.5 cm, it is better to change the windshield. When it is in the driver’s line of vision, it is preferable to change it. In both cases, it represents a danger for the driver.

How to easily avoid a cracked windshield?

To avoid windshield cracks, you need to follow a few simple rules.

Repair your windshield at the slightest impact

When your windshield encounters an impact, no matter how small, repair it quickly. This will take you no more than an hour, so don’t put it off. A minor impact that goes unrepaired could mean you have to change an entire windshield. If you find it difficult to repair it yourself, go to a specialist. The operation costs between 50 and 100 dollars.

Avoid thermal shock


Thermal shocks are also the cause of windshield cracks. This phenomenon is very common during the winter. Indeed, sometimes the low temperatures outside create frost on the windshields. You are often tempted to turn up the heat or put hot water on the windshield. This action creates a thermal shock and is responsible for the destruction of your windshield. Now, to de-ice your windshield, start by turning on the car. Next, turn your heater to medium power. Using a scraper, clean off the frost as you go.

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  1. I had no idea that impacts on your car windshield could eventually get worse if left neglected. It does make sense to hire someone that could fix it before it gets to that point. I’ll be sure to keep your idea in mind and seek out a glass repair expert when this happens.

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