Top 8 Best Reasons To Buy An SUV

It is obvious that SUVs are numerous in the United States. Although SUVs are more expensive than sedans or small city cars, many drivers still choose SUVs as their preference. If you’re looking for a new car to get around town but not sure which model you should choose, let’s find out 9 good reasons to choose an SUV.

If you don’t own an SUV, we’ll show you below the compelling reasons why you should have one in your garage. If you already drive an SUV, let’s check it out right away as we listed precisely the 8 things you love most about your vehicle.

1. Balanced ride height, better handling


A compact SUV promises a responsive and dynamic driving experience. The first advantage of an SUV over a sedan is the height of the floor and, therefore, the seats, which allows the driver to sit with a balanced position in relation to traffic- not too high, not too low. This will make the driver feel comfortable and secure in controlling their driving and can therefore properly handle the hazards of the busier city driving with a more peripheral view.

2. Surprising fuel economy

This criterion is considered important when buying a car; there was a time when SUVs had a bad reputation for high fuel consumption. The latest SUVs will surprise you with their ability to save fuel. With manufacturers making huge strides to improve fuel economy, they have become very environmentally friendly. As a result, drivers can drive longer with the extra miles.

Who knows, happiness will be at the end of the road. In addition to their gasoline or diesel SUVs, manufacturers are now offering hybrid or plug-in hybrid versions, an engine that you will find. For example, a new generation Renault Captur will allow you to drive electrically in the city during your week and switch to a gasoline/electric hybrid for your longer trips.

3. Competitive prices


Price is considered the number one concern of any car buyer. If you compare it to the price of a high-end sedan, you may feel a little confused. SUVs have competitive prices that can meet different budget requirements and are quite reasonable for what they can offer you.

However, think of the great benefits that this type of vehicle can bring you; it is certainly more affordable. Now there are many ways to buy a new car; whether you go directly to an authorized dealer or through agents, you will always find what you are looking for.

4. Power and acceleration

An SUV can surprise you because it can drive over rough terrain without losing its rhythm. This large utility vehicle can offer drivers and passengers great trips off-road and in many different driving conditions in the city and highway.

5. Trunk space


This type of vehicle will make any owner happy because of its large cargo space. You may have felt embarrassed at times by the small size of your car, as it cannot hold all your groceries and belongings like luggage, tents, bags, umbrellas, picnic items, etc. This will never be a problem with an SUV. Many SUVs offer a specially designed folding rear seat to maximize cargo space.

6. For the passengers

A compact SUV holds a lot of cargo and has a spacious and comfortable interior for the driver and passengers. Designed as a family car, it’s truly the best company for your family trips and everyday commutes. SUVs promise happy to travel for everyone in your family.

7. Towing Capacity


Your friend’s vehicle stops in the middle of the road and calls you for help. What can you do in this situation? An SUV will do the job because it is strong enough to pull your friend’s car out of the traffic jam, so you can do the initial analysis of his breakdown and help him fix it.

8. The best choice for dog lovers

It is now quite possible to have your beloved dogs in your car, as many compact SUVs offer a higher headroom, creating an ideal seat for your furry friend(s). You won’t have to leave them at home, instead of enjoying every happy moment of the trip with them around.

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